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Feel like doing something fun, creative, and free, for your yard or garden? Grab yourself a handful of old pallets and get to work on one of the creative DIY garden pallet ideas!

1. Garden “Desk”

A DIY pallet garden organizer via kitchenfunwithmy3sons.

Need some space for organizing for garden equipment? Our first idea could be your next project.

2. Vertial Grow Boxes

Vertically mounted DIY pallet grow boxes via removeandreplace.

This vertical-mounted grow box idea is quick, cheap, and pretty much all together kicks ass. But, does it take names? The world may never know.

3. Simple Standing Flower Boxes

DIY flower boxes for attracting butterflies via aproverbs31wife.

It doesn’t get much shorter or sweeter than this set of pallet grow boxes. No, literally. These grow boxes are pretty short, and not very wide either. But, damn, they sure are cute!

4. Protective Boxes for Potted Trees

DIY tree boxes made from pallets via prudentpennypincher.

If you have a soft spot for trees, as in the kind that you grow in containers, then you may be interested in learning how to build one of these easy DIY protective boxes to keep those babies safe all year long.

5. Square Tower Garden

A simple DIY tower garden designed with pallets via pioneersettler.

Whether you are a flea market vendor, a backyard gardener, or a kitchen witch, this square pallet garden gives you a ton of space for such a compact area, allowing you plenty of growing options.

6. Painted Flower Box Hangers

DIY pallet flower box hangers via removeandreplace.

If it’s a classy 1950’s look you’re after, of you just feel like doing something nice for Grandma, all you need to do is rip a couple of pallets in half, dip them in white paint, slap a trip of flower planters on those puppies and you’re good to go!

7. Wooden Garden Walkway

A simple pallet walkway DIY project via thespacebetweenblog.

This is probably one of the simplest but coolest pallet ideas out there as it fits just about anyone’s garden or backyard. That said, $20 says whoever took this photo had at least ten minutes of weed to do before snapping that pic.

8. Simple Hanging Herb Garden

A DIY hanging herb garden from pallets ideaspallet.selbermachendeko.

Whether you’re putting on an 1800’s reenactment, or you just want some vintage flower boxes to spruce up the place, these old school hanging herb boxes will definitely add some flair to the side of your house.

9. Mounted Garden Organizer

A simple DIY hanging garden organizer made from pallets via ourlittleacre.

One of the greatest single inventions ever created, the pallet, is being used for yet another wonderous purpose: hanging flowers AND garden equipment all in one.

10. Simple Shelf for Flowers

Pallet for a flower shelf via nobiggie.

No time for modifying the pallet? Hell, that’s no problem. All you need to do is flip that sucker on, dust it off, and throw a few potted plants on her. If you happen to have a teenager or husband, $5 says you can probably even bribe them to paint it for you first.

11. Trough-Like Tower Garden

A trough-style DIY vertical pallet garden via waldenlabs.

What’s Your Favorite DIY Garden Pallet Project?

Have you completed a pallet project for the yard or garden lately? If so, we would love to hear about it in the comments section below. Feel free to share pictures, videos, and instructions as well!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your next pallet project!


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