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If you have a toddler, or will soon, chances are that they already love playing in the dirt or are going to soon!

The following 11 pirate ship sandbox ideas for kids give them a safe and creative environment to enjoy playing with sand for endless hours!

Or, if you’d prefer to get straight to it, you can head over to our step-by-step guide on building your kids a DIY sandbox instead.

1. DIY Peter Pan Pirate Ship Sandbox

Peter Pan “Tinkershells” sandbox idea shared by Mama and Minnie via Pinterest.

What could be more enjoyable for a child than a sandbox shaped like a pirate ship? A Peter Pan-themed pirate ship sandbox with a skull and crossbones flag (and a peter pan costume)!

2. Simple Wooden Pirate Ship Sand Box DIY Plans

Simple pirate ship sandbox idea shared from

For babies and small children, under 4 or 5 years old, this simple wooden DIY pirate ship sandbox idea is extremely ideal. It’s a safe place for your youngins to play, and the “mast” and “sails” keep the sun out.

3. DIY Pirate Ship Sandbox Pit

DIY pirate ship sandbox pit idea shared by

If your child is getting bigger and has outgrown their tiny little turtle sandbox from Home Depot or Walmart, it may be time to consider grabbing a kit, or plans and a stack of wood, and putting together one of these DIY pirate ship sandbox bad boys!

4. Pirate Ship Playground and Sandbox DIY Plans

Pirate ship playground with net, ladder, raised deck, and more shared from

This oversized sandbox with playground equipment shaped like a pirate ship is perfect for 8, 9, and 10-year-olds as well as for families (and daycare centers) with multiple kids.

5. Wooden Pirate Ship Sandbox with Double Mast and Navigation Wheel

Large wooden pirate ship sandbox with deck, masts, and steering shared by Brenda Melancon Greathouse via Pinterest.

If you want to build a pirate ship sandbox as a cover-up for your secret bunker’s entrance or build one that will possibly float during the next flood of biblical proportions, this big wooden sandbox with mast, deck, and navigation wheel is a good choice!

6. KidKraft Pirate Ship DIY Kit

Pirate Ship sandbox idea shared from

Don’t have a bunch of wooden planks laying around, saws to cut said wood with, and/or fingers you’re willing to accidentally smash or cut off? No problem! Your kid can still enjoy a pirate ship sandbox if you invest in a kit like this one from Wayfair. That said, fair warning, you will still need a power drill!

7. DIY Pirate Ship Sandbox with Clothes Line Mast

Pirate ship sandbox idea shared by Adrian Hoppel via Pinterest.

Have an extra close line post lying around? And a few old planks? Slap together a DIY pirate ship sandbox for your child like the one in the picture above!

8. Paddle Boat Pirate Ship Sandbox

Pirate ship sandbox idea shared by Kit Friend via Pinterest.

In the case that you happen to have an old paddle boat, or small row boat even, you can convert it to a kid-friendly sandbox play area. Attaching a lightweight PVC pipe gives you a great place to fly your ship’s pirate flag.

9. DIY Pirate Ship Sandbox Play Area

Pirate ship play area sandbox idea shared by

Don’t have the nerve, skill, or desire to build a “real” pirate ship sandbox for your little one? That’s ok! Woodwork isn’t for everyone after all. Try digging a pit, filling it with sand, and lining it with stone, tile, or even concrete. Slap a few posts up with some “decks” and a flag, and wah-lah! You have a pirate ship play area!

10. Pre-Owned Prefabricated Plastic Pirate Ship Sandbox

Plastic pirate ship sandbox idea shared by Caroline Bowie-Davis via Pinterest.

Another great way to get your hands on a pirate ship sandbox is to cruise yard sales and online listings for used yard equipment. You could also pick one up new from Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart, as well as online at Amazon or eBay.

11. Simple DIY Sandbox Pirate Ship with Flag

Simple DIY pirate ship sandbox with flag idea shared by Shannon Allison via Pinterest.

Have a few boards lying around? Or an old pallet that can be broken down for lumber? If so, you can build a quick DIY pirate ship sandbox like the one above in just a few minutes!

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