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5-gallon buckets are great for gardening. Not only do they come in handy for mixing soil, gathering weeds, or harvesting, but they’re also cheap and sometimes even free.

Whether they’re from paint, or you go to the biggest box store around and buy some for a few dollars, 5-gallon buckets are easy to get your hands on for gardening projects.

But, just how many different ways is the 5-gallon bucket useful around the garden, and back yard?

Read on below and explore these 6 must-try 5-gallon bucket ideas for the backyard and garden!

1. Backyard 5-Gallon Bucket Garden

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This idea is brilliant but very basic. You could even do it without the wooden frame, though it does make a nice touch. Add a few pipes and a pump or two and you could take it a step further and make a hydroponic garden out of this particular setup.

2. 5-Gallon Bucket Greenhouse for the Backyard

Idea shared from Janene Meents on Pinterest.

Similar to the first item on our list, this 5-gallon bucket greenhouse is perfect for the backyard. It pretty much equates to an instant garden. Add the netting up top and your plants can tolerate more summertime sun and heat. Extend the netting, or add panels, and have a full-on greenhouse.

3. Planter for Strawberries from Bucket

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For those who’re working with smaller backyards or shady ones, strawberries planters are a great choice for your leftover or newly purchased 5-gallon buckets. As you can tell from the picture, they are simple to build and make growing and harvesting strawberries and herbs so much easier.

4. Bucket Seat for the Backyard

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If you’re into gardening as much as some of us, it makes sense to have a seat for some of your gardening and garden-related tasks. A 5-gallon bucket with some cushion on top, and a bit of fabric, makes a great solution!

5. Hanging 5-Gallon Bucket Planter

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The hanging planter from a 5-gallon bucket is a real winner when it comes to creative ways to put old buckets (or new ones) to good use. Drill a hole in the bottom, fill them with soil, string ’em up, and wah-lah!

6. DWC Hydroponic System with 7 Net Cups

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This 5-gallon bucket with changeable lids is our very own creation. So far we have 1 pot, 2 pots, 3 pots, and 7 pot lids for it. In the picture above, basil, dill, and parsley are 10 days old. There is an air pump, hose, and air stone inside. Nutrients are also required.

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