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Welcome to the GardenBoss.org About page! We’re glad you decided to stop by and learn more about our gardening blog.

Who Writes for GardenBoss.org?

We are Jordan and Zvjezdana, a happily married couple, with kids, that are passionate about plants and gardening with a mission to provide you with the best resources for creating your own beautiful garden oasis.

Jordan and Zvjezdana: the founders and voice of gardenboss.org.
Jordan and Zvjezdana in front of their garden.

Our blog offers advice on everything from choosing the right plants for your climate zone to caring for vegetables in a container garden.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been gardening for years, we have something special here that will help make your outdoor space even more enjoyable!

With helpful tips and tricks from experienced gardeners, we can help you create a stunning outdoor haven that is as unique as you are.

So take a look around – let us inspire you today!

Read on below and learn more about us and our mission to educate the world about gardening:

Why Are We Blogging About Gardening?

We have a goal to teach 1 million people to be the boss of their gardens.

We’re both passionate about the idea of constantly learning more about our garden and all of the learning we have to do, and are equally excited about sharing that information (over time) with all of you as well!

Whether you’re looking for a few pointers on how to increase your crop yields, or how to fix common problems with plants, you will find the solutions here.

What Topics Does Gardenboss.org Cover?

Here at Garden Boss, we cover virtually all things gardening and gardening-related.

For example, we don’t just cover how to grow tomatoes, or how to fix common problems with tomatoes, but, we also cover a wider range of sometimes obscure gardening topics like which robot mowers are best for your garden, and how to set up an indoor garden grow kit.

We’ll also do our best to not only cover our personal progress in converting our average and ordinary yard into a fully functional organic garden and miniature orchard that feeds our family but, all of the basics, from the ground up, as well.

In addition to our favorite gardening topics, we’re now covering other “advanced” home gardening techniques as well (like hydroponics, kratkyponics, and semi-ponics) as well as trending DIY projects for the yard and garden.

Even more, we also forage wild edibles and herbs, and may get around to creating some content of that nature as well!

Who Are We Looking To Connect With?

By providing original content, based on first-hand experience, as well as deep and thorough research, we hope to establish a readership of potential gardeners, farmers, and nature lovers in general, that will benefit from all of the information and personal insight that we share over the seasons.

As parents of both young children still in diapers, and adult ones, we also look forward to helping educate parents and children (families) about gardening. There are few things as rewarding and humbling for a family to experience as growing food together, and eating it together.

What’s In Store For Our Garden And Blog?

We very much look forward to creating loads of exciting informational and guide posts as well as a plethora of beneficial videos. We have got a ton of stuff in the pipeline… in fact, we’ve got so much built up in the pipeline that it’s clogged up!

Hopefully, between creating a bunch of great content, and actually gardening, we’ll have the time to come up with some interesting ideas for a new monthly newsletter too!

We may join additional affiliate marketing or advertising programs in the future (we work with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates programs), and when and if we do we’ll add the proper legal disclaimers.

Likewise, we may run a sponsored post from time to time, and when we do it’ll be flagged as such – feel free to contact us for business opportunities!

Thank You For Supporting Gardenboss.org!

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