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You’ve always loved the idea of a greenhouse, but you aren’t sure whether or not greenhouses are worth it.

You’re not alone! Our audience was also curious about greenhouses, so we researched the major benefits of greenhouse gardening.

Read on below and find out whether or not the benefits of greenhouses are worth it for you or not!

Major Benefits Greenhouse Gardening

Benefits of greenhouse gardening: a woman plants seeds inside a greenhouse in a start pot.

The advantages of using a greenhouse are many; from controlling the environment to extending the growing period.

Here are a few of the main benefits of greenhouses for gardening:

You Can Garden All Year

The most significant benefit of greenhouse gardening is that you can garden all year long.

However, just how long a greenhouse extends your gardening time for the year depends on numerous factors.

For example, greenhouse gardening in Maine won’t give you the ability to garden all year as it does in Texas or Florida.

No More Buying Starter Plants

One of the biggest benefits of greenhouse gardening: you never have to buy starter plants (like this guy in the picture who is starting seeds in a greenhouse).

When you start greenhouse gardening, you have the major benefit of not buying starter plants anymore because you can start your own.

Sure, you can start seeds without a greenhouse.

But, seeds start quicker, easier, and develop into healthy seedlings in the greenhouse than elsewhere.

They Create a More Versatility Gardening Environment

Greenhouses create a much more versatile gardening environment to work it.

That means you can grow plants that require higher humidity, as well as extend the fruiting and harvesting seasons of certain crops.

If you want to grow tropical plants, but live nowhere near the right climate, a greenhouse environment may be what you need.

You Have More Control of the Temperature

One of the main benefits of greenhouse gardening: it allows you to control the temperature, moisture, and humidity (as seen in this picture of giant healthly greenhouse lettuce and tomatoes).

Temperature is much easier to maintain and control in greenhouses.

Not only does the humidity raise the temperature in greenhouses, but the vents and openings allow you to lower the temperature as needed too.

All in all, greenhouses offer up the highest level of temperature control for gardening outside of indoor grow houses/grow tents.

Superior Moisture Retention Rates

As mentioned above, greenhouse gardening grants you a much better handle on the environment than traditional gardening including the moisture level.

Inside greenhouses, the humidity keeps moisture around for longer, and, the only new moisture introduced into your garden comes from your watering can or irrigation system… which means you are in control of it.

In greenhouses, you can successfully grow species that otherwise would never receive or retain a high enough level of moisture to survive.

They Make the Most of Your Gardening Space

One of the benefits of greenhouse gardening: it makes the most of your space (like this raised brick garden bed covered with wood and glass).

Another excellent benefit of greenhouse gardening is that they help you make the most of your gardening space.

For example, those old brick-raised beds you haven’t used in 15 years? You can quickly and easily turn them into a DIY greenhouse.

On another note, that bare spot of earth in the backyard that doesn’t seem able to grow even weeds? It may be the perfect place to set up a greenhouse kit.

Great For Overwintering Plants

If you have plants that require protection during the winter, especially ones that you ordinarily take inside from the autumn until the spring.

You can simply move your potted outdoor plants inside the greenhouse instead of lugging them inside and dealing with the mess they make.

Fewer Pests and Soil-Borne Disease to Deal With

A garden pest that you won't find in many greenhouses.

One of our favorite benefits of greenhouse gardening is the fact that there are so many fewer pests and diseases to contend with.

Of course, greenhouses are not immune to pests or soil-borne diseases, though they are far less likely to develop these problems if you are careful.

The best way to avoid pests, and soil-borne diseases, is to start with brand-new pots and soil when you begin greenhouse gardening.

What Benefits of Greenhouse Gardening Are Most Important to You?

Now that you know about the major benefits of greenhouse gardening, your decision on whether or not to start gardening with a greenhouse should be much more informed and easier.

What benefits of greenhouse gardening do you find the most useful? Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know.

Do you know another benefit to gardening in a greenhouse that we failed to mention? Fill us in if so!

Thanks for reading, good luck with your greenhouse!

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