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Garden gnomes have been a part of gardening history for several hundred years now. The history behind them is utterly fascinating, if not a bit bizarre.

But, before we get into those fun FAQs about garden gnomes, let’s have a look at 8 of the best garden gnomes currently on the market.

Whether for the protection of your buried treasure, home, or garden, or simply for aesthetics, we’ve rounded up eight of the best garden gnomes available in 2021.

Read on below and discover which garden gnome is best for you!

Top 8 Best Garden Gnomes This Year

1. Gnome Solar Powered LED

A friendly looking garden gnome with red hat, yellow shirt, holding a jar with fireflies.
A classic garden gnome from the VP Home Store available in two versions; red hate and yellow shirt or blue hat and red shirt.
This little guys measures 14 inches tall and 6 inches wide and is about as traditional as they come.

2. Zen Garden Gnome

A gnome with closed eyes wearing a red hat, green shirt, and blue pants, striking a lotus meditation pose. A bluebird looks out from his white beard.
One of the chillest gnomes currently on the market, the Zen Garden Gnome from Design Toscano is 8 inches tall and striking a zen-like pose any buddhist monk would be envious of.
He is perfect for gardens of the zen, flower, or vegetable type.

3. Cat “Eating” Garden Gnomes

One of the most amusing garden gnome statutes we’ve seen in a long time.
This Mischievous Cat Figurine by Mark & Margot is having a hayday gobbling up several helpless little yard gnomes while momma gnome stands by shaking her rolling pin at the naughty cat.

4. Classic Garden Gnome with Bird

Another classic garden gnome, this smiling little gnome from the Alpine Corporation Store holds a blue bird in one hand and features a face full of wisdome.
The Garden Gnome measures 12 inches tall, and 5 inches by 5 inches around. This guy is perfect for bird lovers and gnome collectors alike.

5. Say Hello to My Little Friend

An angry gnome lets out a warcry, mouth wide open, brandishing a submachinegun. He is dressed in tan/orange clothing and shiny black boots.
This bad ass gnome measures just under 6 inches tall and is more than likely of American origins (ha ha?).
The Garden Gnome is brandishing a submachinegun and letting out a silent warcry and surely terrifying any unwanted yard visitors. Gun-lovers will be hard pressed to find a more deserving garden gnome for their yard.

6. The Ultimate Trio: Gnome, Cat, & Unicorn

A gnome with red hat rides a white unicorn with a cat in his lap. He is holding a golden .45 caliber handgun and American flag.

This side-splitting statue from Funny Guy Mugs is the ultimate trio indeed; a garden gnome holding a cat while riding a unicorn and waving a pistol and American flag.

Totes epic… what else can we really say about this statue? Totes. Epic.

7. Gnome with Pants Down, Flipping the Bird

A blue jeans wearing garden gnome with a pointy red hat dropping his drawers and flipping the bird over his shoulder.
At 9.3 inches tall, Gnome with Pants Down by Mood Lab is one of the most humorous yard statues out there.
Strangely, this one reminds me of my granddad after one too-many Budweisers on a friday night!
How about you guys, what do you think of this bird flipping gnome?

8. Gnome with Pants Down “Mooning” the Garden

A happy looking gnome with red shit and hat pulling his blue pants down to moon the garden. A blue birds sits on his back looking on.

Last but not least, this Bare Butt Gnome from Design Toscano is another funny little guy we knew you guys just had to see.

Pulling his pants down around his ankles, a blue bird checking things out from a perch on his back, this dude makes a hell of a statement in your yard or garden.

6 Fun FAQs About Garden Gnomes

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for!

1. How tall is a garden gnome?

Most commonly, garden gnomes stand between one and two feet tall. However, some are taller. The one guarding our front porch is approximately 2.2 feet tall, for example.

Additionally, miniature gnomes that measure six inches tall or less are springing up in gardens and yards around the world.

2. Where do garden gnomes come from?

As unbelievable as it may seem, once upon a time, the rich and powerful of Europe actually hired people to become real-life garden gnomes. The “gnomes” were given a small cottage-like dwelling, one set of simple clothing, including a pointy hat, and food and water.

In exchange, the garden gnomes needed to grow out their hair and beard, and pose for visitors, as if statues.

They also needed to avoid talking to anyone who ventured onto the property. In other cases, they were expected to “dispense wisdom” to visitors. And, of course, they tended to the gardens as well.

These real-life garden gnome-like figures were a status symbol, more or less. If you could afford to house, clothe, and feed a gnome, you were considered truly wealthy.

3. Are garden gnomes dangerous?

It may seem like a silly question, but it is one that is asked with the most seriousness by some. While it is commonly believed that garden gnomes are simply statues, by most, there are those who believe them to be real live flesh and blood creatures.

Further, it is believed that garden gnomes, with their sharp and pointy teeth, come to life at night and run off any unwanted intruders onto the property that they guard. An article in the Writer’s Digest even describes how to survive a garden gnome attack.

4. How much does a garden gnome cost?

The cost of garden gnomes depends on several factors. The most significant points include the material they are made of, how much time goes into their creation, if they are mass-produced or hand-made, how big they are, and more. That said, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to over $100 for a decent garden gnome statue for your yard.

5. Are garden gnomes allowed in gardening contests?

Believe it or not, these gnomes are banned from some of the most popular gardening contests in the world. For example, the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show had a long-time ban on garden gnomes that lasted for decades.

The ban was lifted in 2012, but many contestants and judges still feel they are too tacky to be allowed in the prestigious contest.

6. What do garden gnomes actually stand for?

There is no singular symbolism for a garden gnome. Some cultures saw them as good luck charms, others as symbols of evil. Personally, the wife and I see our garden gnomes as protectors of our property (and our buried treasures). That said, they don’t get along too well with gargoyles because both are equally territorial.

Choosing the Best Gnome for Your Home and Garden

If you love garden gnomes as much as we do, there is no one best garden gnome. Rather, there are multiple best garden gnomes that fit your personality and property.

Hopefully, our article helps you choose one (or two, or three, or four, or five…) that’s right for you!

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