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People who love gardening know very well that not all flowers bloom forever. 

When the season changes, so do the best plants to grow, and so the time to renew the garden arrives again. However, that is not always an easy task.

But, don’t worry, because we have got your back. Check out this guide to learn which vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers are best to plant this Autumn.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and find out how to change the look of your garden this Autumn.

What Are the Best Plants for Autumn Gardens?

The best plants for autumn gardening include many leafy green vegetables and small root vegetables such as lettuce, mustard, onions, turnips, and radishes. There are also many fruits to plant and harvest in the fall including grapes, apples, and various berries. The best flowers for autumn gardens are many; marigolds, roses, wildflowers, dahlias, begonias, and a host of others.

Top 5 Vegetables for Autumn Gardens

Pinkish red and white beets with green tops held in an open hand.

Radishes & Carrots

Radishes are vegetables you can grow easily. Once you plant them, you can pull them out after just six weeks. They are available in many varieties.

Carrots can also be grown easily. They just need to be planted at the proper place & time. You don’t need to put much effort to include these homegrown veggies into your salad.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

It is very satisfying to watch any of your plants grow & harvest them on time. Broccoli & cauliflower are no different, even though they may not be your kid’s favorite vegetable.

Both species come in different colors & sizes. They are super easy to grow & will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden. Cauliflowers are available in green, yellow, white & purple colors.


Beetroots are not only easy healthy to eat but one of the best plants to grow in autumn. There are many varieties of it. For example, Lucullus, Varese, Fordhook giant, southern European, and Rainbow chard, are just a few favorites.

You can try one or two at a time to beautify your garden this autumn and add a bit of greenery to your plate as well. My favorite is Rainbow chard.


We use lemons quite a lot. And what else could be better than using fresh lemons grown in your garden. You can simply develop a lemon tree by sowing the seeds or by choosing a healthy small lemon plant from a nearby nursery.

A pot with a diameter of 40-50cm would be enough.


You would not believe how super easy spinach is to grow. They are healthy, thick and juicy, and could be easily included in your diet for a healthier lifestyle. Spinaches are divided into three categories: Savoy, flat-leafed, and semi Savoy.

Even if you do not have a big lawn or garden you can easily cultivate them in your kitchen garden. The giant noble variety of spinach is the most popular as it is thick & very juicy.

Top Five Fruits for Autumn Gardens

Small white and yellow strawberry flowers blooming in a thick strawberry patch.


There are mainly three types of strawberries. One is harvested in late spring, a second type bears huge amounts in spring and less in summer, and a third that produces fruits in fall seasons.

As strawberries age, they start bearing fewer fruits. Hence, you need to change them out every three years.


Since berries are grown all over the west, except a few desert regions, you can try them too. They are available in many colors so you can use them as a show plant in addition to having a tasty crop.

When these plants start bearing fruits you can use row covers to save them from fruit flies.

Sweet cherries

Cherries are easy to grow & beautiful in color, therefore, you can not ignore them this autumn. Sweet cherries too can be grown everywhere except in the desert, as the temperature is too high there.

However, since they are attractive, birds & insects tend to be attracted to them.


Apple trees require some time or let’s say years to grow & bear fruits. But once they start bearing the juicy apples you would know, the wait was worth it.

Some Apple varieties that ripe quickly can be used for sauces, while other ones could be stored for months. Insects & birds such as Apple maggots may harm the fruit, hence need extra care.


Grapes are mainly commercial fruits these days, used extensively in the production of wine. However, in many regions, folks still grow them.

Grapes are creepers, meaning they climb along the trellises, railings, and fences. They don’t require much attention, but, generally speaking, American varieties are easier to grow than European ones.

Top 5 Herbs for Autumn Gardens

A woman in a white dress with a wide golden waist band runs her down-turned palm through a sea of lavender growing in a field she walks through.


This tasty green plant is one of the most used herbs for soups or pasta or salads or marinades. These curly & flat-leafed plants are easy to cultivate even in autumn. You can harvest this parsley in the late autumn.

Also, they are biennial hence the flowering beings in the following spring. At that stage, you can weed them out or allow them to pollinate.


Not only useful in the kitchen, but Sage is also a beautiful plant in general and adds aesthetic value to homes and gardens. Its leaves are in a unique combination of grey & green color.

Consequently, When it starts flowering in the summers it attracts a lot of butterflies and insects for pollination. The growth decelerates a little in the winter hence you need to be careful then.


Cilantro is one of the most easily growing herbs for fall. It is used as an essential ingredient to decorate many dishes in many parts of the world.

Autumn is the best season for cilantro to grow & beautify your garden. You can sow the seeds in any pots or boxes. Apart from your garden, they look beautiful even in your kitchen or by window sides.


You can grow chervil in autumn as well as winter. If you plant them early they are ready to be harvested by late autumn, throughout the winters.

You can include them in your food to get licorice flavor. In summers they can grow up to two feet but in autumn they remain a little smaller.


It is best to plant lavender in well-drained soil. High areas where the plant gets proper sunlight with just enough water (not too much), will result in quick growth of the plant.

In autumn, we should plant lavender six to eight weeks before the extreme weather arrives so that it is adjusted in the atmosphere.

Top 5 Flowers for Autumn Gardens

A close up of two beautiful pink and white flowers with five peddles and a yellow and orange center, with several more flowers ready to bloom.


Marigolds are those flowers that can withstand extreme weather. Therefore you can find them in many gardens. Even in autumn & winters, flowers will bloom until the weather is bearable.

You can keep the seeds by snapping off the dried flowers & broadcast them later for more such beautiful marigold plants.

Shrub Rose

Shrub roses are famously known for being fussy. However, it is not as difficult to cultivate as you think. Since they are hardy they require minimal effort. They bloom in all seasons. You can try out other varieties such as pink drift or Oso easy paprika too.

Balloon Flower

As the name “Balloon flower” itself suggests that it is shaped like balloons. Before they bloom they resemble hot air balloons, so you can definitely add them to your lists of flowers for this autumn.

Many shades of balloon flowers are available such as white, pink & blue. Blue is the most common.


If you are looking for hanging flower plants, then Amaranthus is the one you should go for. These lovely tassel-like blossoms would look great in arrangements not only fresh-cut but also dried.

You can grow them in partial sunlight or full sun too.


Sunflowers usually peak in mid-summer, but they will keep blooming up even in winters & autumn. You can harvest them when the seeds start getting brown, or when the back of the seed cover turns yellow.

Originally written by: Sachin Ahirwar

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