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April is one of the greatest times of the year for gardening, the frigid winter weather has passed yet it’s still cool.

That’s why April is one of the most perfect times to grow crops that can’t stand the high temperatures of the summertime.

Read on below and discover our picks for the top 12 best things to grow in April!

Top 3 Vegetables for April

Growing vegetables in April is one of the coolest times of the year to do so, literally! Once summer rolls around, the heat begins to increase, along with humidity levels, and many of these early spring crops are no longer the best thing to grow.

The 3 best veggies to grow in April include:

1. Lettuce

A gardener watering lettuce starter plants ready for the garden.

Lettuce is one of the best things to grow in April because it’s still cool and crisp outside in the early spring. This crop prefers a temperature of under 65F, but not much lower than 40F to 50F.

That said, with protection from the sun/heat in the summer, and from the snow and wind in the winter, lettuce can be grown all year-round.

Learn more about growing this crop in our lettuce gardening guide.

2. Peas

Green peas growing in a sea of greenery.

Peas are another cool weather crop that’s great to start growing in early spring, including during the month of April.

This crop does best in temperatures between 50F and 70F, depending on the species. So, planting them during this month makes a lot of sense.

3. Carrots

Green carrot tops poking through rich soil, one of the best things to grow in April.

Carrots are another excellent choice for a great vegetable to get into the ground during April.

The crop takes several months to grow and mature into harvest, and needs weeks of cold weather both when they are first planted and before they are harvested, for optimal results.

That means planting in March may be too soon, and May too late.

Learn more about growing these orange veggies in our carrot gardening guide.

Top 3 Herbs for April

Growing herbs in April is a no-brainer for those who produce and harvest their own food. Many of the cool weather crops won’t stand the summer heat, so it’s best to grow them now.

The 3 best herbs to grow in April include:

1. Basil

Three glass jars filled with water and basil cuttings.

Basil is at the top of the list for us, as far as the best herbs to grow in April are concerned.

In our garden, there is no such thing as too much garden. The same goes for our kitchen.

If you feel the same way, get out there and plant some basil this month!

Learn more about growing this herb from our basil gardening guide.

2. Rosemary

Green and woody-stemmed rosemary herbs growing in the month of April.

Rosemary is one of the best herbs to plant in April because it thrives in slightly cooler weather than many of the other herbs you can plant later on in the year.

Planting Rosemary during the early spring ensures you’ll have a decent harvest before the smoldering heat of mid to late summer arrive.

Don’t miss out on fresh Rosemary in the kitchen this year, get out there and grow some while you still have time!

3. Mint

Green mint plants, close up.

Mint is another superb choice for April gardens. It even goes well under shrubs and mixed into flower beds, depending on the other species you’re growing.

Planting your mint in April ensures a larger harvest for the year than waiting until late summer or fall to do so.

Top 3 Flowers for April

Growing flowers in April is a must for those who enjoy spring and summer blooms. Whether picking up pregrown flowers at the store or planting flowers from seeds and bulbs, early spring is a great time to get started.

The 3 best flowers to grow in April include:

1. Marigolds

Bright yellow and orange Marigolds basking in the warm sunlight. Our favorite thing to grow in April.

Marigolds are one of the flowers that we simply adore in our gardens. They break up the long stretches of green landscaping and lend splashes of bright color earlier than many flower species.

Even more importantly, Marigolds are one of the most beneficial flowers to keep in the garden in regards to attracting beneficial insects and helping repel the bad ones.

Learn more about caring for these flowers in our marigold gardening guide.

2. Cosmos

A large grouping of cosmos blooming in purple, white, and blue. Yellow purple, and violet flowers are mixed in with them.

Cosmos are dainty little things that put us in the mind of stars, and when you grow them in groupings, whether alone, or with other species, they look like a real cosmos among the grass or flower beds.

We’ve been planting them for a few years now and plan to get some in the ground this April. How about you? Let us know what you think about cosmos in the comments section at the end of the article!

3. Lillies

White lilies growing during the month of March.

Lillies are another of the flowers we adore working with in April, and even earlier sometimes.

In our yard, we have Lillies planted in several locations, mainly mixed in with other various bulbs and perennials.

That means we don’t need to do much from year to year other than fertilize them and cut them back when the time comes!

Top 3 Fruits for April

Growing fruit in April isn’t always the first thought that pops into mind when thinking about gardening during this time of the year. That said, there are plenty of viable options to do so.

The 3 best fruits to grow in April include?

1. Strawberry

A single red strawberry growin in a green patch of April strawberries.

Strawberries are always a great choice when it comes to cool weather fruits.

Unlike most fruits that grow on vines, shrubs, or trees, this one grows from small plants on the ground and produces several times per year depending on the species.

In fact, some strawberry plants produce new fruits every single month.

Learn more about growing these fruits in our strawberry gardening guide.

2. Honeydew

A bright yellow flower on a green vine.

Honeydew is another great alternative fruit to grow during the month of April, and early spring in general.

If you aren’t into berries, or grapes, and don’t want to bother with planting trees, honeydew might just be the best choice for your early spring garden.

3. Melons

Large yellow melon flowers on green foliage.

Speaking of honeydew as an alternative to other fruits, in the case you don’t like honeydew, there are numerous other melons to choose from that are just as good for planting and growing in April.

Watermelon is one such popular fruit.

Final Thoughts About the Best Things to Grow in April

The best things to grow in April depend on your tastes, your garden’s size and location, as well as the weather, and much more.

That said, regardless of what climate zone you are in, there are tons of great plants to grow in April and early spring gardens in general.

Our top picks for the best stuff to grow during this time of the year include everything from strawberries, rosemary, and melons to basil, lettuce, and marigolds… what about you?

What are your top picks for the best plants to put in the ground during the month of April? Let us know below, or forever hold your peace! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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