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June may seem like it’s already too late to get a summer garden going, but that’s far from the case. Read on below and discover 12 of the best things to grow in June gardens!

Top 3 Vegetables For June Gardens

When choosing which seeds to grow, and when, the main thing you need to consider is the soil temperature. If you thought that spring was the only time you had to grow your garden, you’ll be happy to know you still have a lot of time.

Here is a list of the top 3 vegetables and herbs you can plant in June:

1. Potatoes

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As a root vegetable, potatoes are a good option to plant in June. They will grow during the winter and their sprouts will appear after the last frost, normally in mid-June. The average maturity time for potatoes is between 75 and 95 days. 

2. Radishes

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Radishes are a root vegetable that is characterized by its pungent, kind of spicy flavor. They are very easy to grow and some of the smallest varieties are ready to be harvested within a month. They grow well in cool and warm temperatures, but intense heat causes the flavor of these vegetables to get too pungent. 

3. Carrots

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Carrots are also root vegetables that are suited to grow in June. It tolerates a wide range of climates, from cold winter to warm spring temperatures. The most commonly eaten part is the bright orange taproot, although the stems and leaves are also edible. Carrots are ready to be harvested in 90 to 120 days depending on the variety. 

Top 3 Herbs For June Gardens

There are many benefits to adding herbs to your garden. They are not only used as a seasoning in many dishes, but they also attract pollinators to your garden while adding flowers and fragrance to the mix as well.

Read on below to learn the top 3 herbs to grow in June:

1. Basil

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Basil comes in a wide variety of different colors and favors. Most varieties of basil seeds germinate between 5 to 10 days and are ready to be harvested in 60 to 80 days. These plants are very sensitive to the cold, for that reason it has to be planted in full sun and well-drained soil. 

2. Parsely

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Parsley is biennial, meaning it flowers and sets seed the second year. It’s normally grown for its foliage. There are two types of parsley plants, one with flat leaves and the other with curly ones. They have the reputation of being hard to germinate, taking between 14 and 30 days. They are ready to be harvested in 75 days.  

3. Sage

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This is also a plant that is best for June as it can grow in partial shade, although it prefers full sun. Sage has a wide variety of plants, from the usual sage with green leaves to the golden sage which has green leaves with yellow edges. The purple sage has reddish-purple leaves.  Apart from being a beautiful addition to your garden, all these different varieties of sage are used fresh or dried to prepare many recipes.  

Top 3 Flowers For June Gardens

Flowers are always a colorful addition to any garden and June is a great month for many varieties of them. You may even have trees that bloom during June, like magnolias, or consider planting some!

Read on below to learn the top 3 flowers to grow in June:

1. Roses

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When talking about roses, there are two different options that are both great to grow in June. Rose Queen, also known as Iris Kaempferi, has small delicate flowers in shades of light purple. It grows from mid-spring to early summer in rich, moist soil. Rosa Durmont is another kind of rose that also grows in June. This is a climbing rose with deep red flowers. 

2. Day Lilies

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Late May to early June is the best time to plant Day Lilies, especially in northern regions. These are fairly easy to grow and characterize by their colorful flowers. There are different varieties, from yellow to deep orange, all with a distinctive fragrance. Their name, Day Lilies, alludes to the flowers, which typically last a day. They open in the early morning and wither the following night. 

3. Magnolia

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Magnolias are flowery plants that come in different sizes that would suit any garden, from small shrubs to massive trees. Magnolias are prized for their big white flowers with a sweet, heady fragrance. Evergreen Magnolias are the best variety to grow during the spring. Their blooming season is from spring to summer. Although, it usually reblooms in early fall. 

Top 3 Fruits For June Gardens

Fruits always taste better when they are grown at the right time. That said, keep in mind that most fruit grows on shrubs, vines, and trees in a perennial fashion (rather than being planted each year like most garden plants and vegetables).

Here is a list of the top 3 fruits to grow in June:

1. Blueberries

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They grow from June through August. This fruit is characterized by its sweet yet a little bit acid taste. There are different varieties, their color can range from blue to purple. Blueberries are very easy to grow but it will take the bush a year or two to become established, you will have to pick off any flowers that form in the first year until the bush is strong enough. 

2. Strawberries

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The three main characteristics of this June aromatic fruit are the juicy taste, bright red color, and sweetness. These plants are very resistant to the cold, so you don’t need to worry about late frosts. Strawberries are classified according to their flowering habit, the June variety is the one that bears fruits all at once, in the early summer, and the “ever-bearing” kind, bears several crops throughout the season. 

3. Watermelons

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Watermelon is grown worldwide for its pink juicy flesh with lots of black seeds. When the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the best time to sow watermelon seeds, normally in late May or early June. Watermelon plants take from 85 to 150 days to produce fruit depending on the variety. 

Final Thoughts About the Best Things to Grow in June

No matter what type of gardening you enjoy the most, with the list of plants above, now you know exactly what you’ll have the most success growing in the month of June!

Do you have a favorite plant to grow in June? If so, let us know about it in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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