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A roll of white/clear 20lb vellum "paper" on a crisp white background.

Vellum is a type of transparent paper that is used in a wide variety of manners, including sketching, tracing, enhancing art, preserving hair, and even some gardening purposes such as covering plants during cold seasons.

Each fall and winter more and more new gardeners are using Vellum to cover their most delicate new plants before the coldest parts of the year roll around.

Does 20lb Vellum really protect garden plants from cold weather and hard frost? Yes, 20lb to 48lb Vellum can be used to cover new plants in garden areas from cold frost. Vellum may not be the best choice for protecting plants from cold weather and hard frosts, but it does get the job done. Wrap your trees, shrubs, bushes, or plants with vellum and use duct tape or hemp string to secure it.

Keep in mind that Vellum 20 is the thinnest type of this translucent paper you should try using in the garden. Ten-pound Vellum, for example, isn’t suggested for use in the garden because it is less likely to stand up to the heavy moisture that comes with winter.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vellum

What is Vellum?

Vellum is a type of parchment, or “paper”, that is created from a thin layer of animal membrane and skin. The finished product is often used in artwork but has many other lesser-known uses. Vellum is considered of much higher quality than standard parchment paper due to the type of material it consists of.

What is Vellum good for?

Vellum is good for sketching, drawing, tracing, and otherwise enhancing or creating artwork of one form or another. That said, in recent years, many gardeners are exploring Vellum as a cover for plants during the winter time.

Are Vellum and paper the same?

Vellum, paper, and parchment are very similar, yet distinctly different. Vellum is made from high-end animal skin and membranes. Paper is made from tree pulp and other organic plant fibers. Parchment is made from low-end animal skin and membranes.

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