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Peppers are one of the most common vegetables in the entire world to eat fresh or preserve and use for cooking. That said, they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and heat intensity which is why you need to know more about the most common types of pepper plants before you can choose one to grow. 

What are the most common varieties of pepper plants? Bell peppers, jalapenos, chiles, habaneros, cayenne, ghost, and poblanos are among the most common types of pepper plants to grow. Pepper plants offer a wide range of variety you can choose from depending on your taste. From the sweet-tasting pepper, you can find in grocery stores to the spiciest vegetable in the world.

Read on below to learn the main characteristics of the 7 most common types of peppers!

About Common Pepper Plant Varieties

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Pepper plants are fairly easy to grow because most of the common varieties require minimum maintenance in comparison to other popular garden vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers. Many of the common pepper plants grow in most climates although hot weather and sunlight are more favorable. 

7 Common Types of Pepper Plants to Grow

Find below the main characteristics and the level of difficulty of growing each of the 7 most common types of pepper.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are by far the most common peppers found in grocery stores. These peppers are large and not spicy at all compared to ghost, chile, and even jalapenos. They are very easy to grow and one of the best options for first-time pepper growers. Many bell pepper plant varieties are known for being resistant to diseases.  

2. Chile Peppers

The chile pepper is most often characterized by its bright red color. The level of heat is medium on the Scoville scale. It can be consumed fresh, dry, or ground into powder. These are mostly used to make hot sauces and soup.

3. Ghost Peppers

This variety is considered one of the spiciest peppers in the world. They are easy to grow but require some additional maintenance in comparison to more basic peppers, like bell peppers or cayenne peppers. The taste of the ghost pepper is fruity, sweet, and earthy… in addition to hot

4. Chipotle Peppers

This variety of pepper is basically just a smoked and/or dried and powered ripe jalapeño. The level of heat is medium. As there is a wide variety of jalapenos to choose from, not all chipotle peppers are alike. Make sure to do further research before picking one!

5. Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno pepper plants produce fruits that are spicy, but the heat level is medium-low compared to the spiciest peppers (despite their reputation for being mouth scorchers!). These are one of the easiest peppers to grow, and very low-maintenance. The peppers are thick flesh and can be bred in a variety of sizes and colors, they can be yellow, green, and red. The red version is sweeter than the green one. 

6. Cayenne Peppers

The level of heat of the fruits produced by the Cayenne pepper plant is medium. They are easily one of the most widely used peppers (dried, as a spice) in the world. This fruit of this type of pepper plant is usually found in a dried or grounded version because the powder is used in soup, sauces, and as a spice on meat, veggies, and more.   

7. Poblano Peppers

The Poblano pepper is another popular type of pepper plant. They are dark green and when fully ripe they turn dark red or brown. These are not spicy, the level is very low. 

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