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Whether you’re new to gardening, a seasoned gardener, or a rogue clan of human-hybrid Bigfoot, a great compost bin is a basic necessity if you want to have a great garden that produces delicious fruits and vegetables.

Here are 12 of the very best compost bin ideas that we’ve seen thus far:

1. Wooden Three Compartment Bin

Idea shared by offgridworld.

A classic three-compartment bin that works great for anyone with a larger than average garden, or big property in general. It is one of our favorites by far.

2. Chicken Wire and Wood Bin

Idea shared from practicallyfunctional.

This nifty single compartment composter of chicken wire and wood has a convenient handle and hinged section on the bottom, making retrieval of ready-to-use compost quick and painless. The glass or plastic top helps the compost break down faster.

3. Single Open-Face Design

This compost bin was shared by

Sweet and simple. If that’s the sort of project you’re after, this could be the bin for you. With a couple of old pallets, and a hammer and nails or screwdriver you can have this little feller up and at em in just a few minutes.

4. Double Open-Face Design

This bin was shared by hometalk.

If a single open-face compost bin doesn’t quite do it for you, but you like the general idea, why not try out the double open-face design on for size? You can’t go wrong with this classic setup.

5. Triple Bin with Lid

Idea via backyardfeast.

This bin is another classy design that reminds us of the composters of times gone by, used by old-timers like your grandpa, my dad (and me), and someone’s great-great Aunt Judy.

6. Concrete Compost Bin

Bin shared by backyardgrowers.

Perhaps not the first thing you would think of doing with a stack of brand new cinder blocks, but what the heck, they actually make one heck of a composter apparently.

7. Plastic Drum Composter

Idea via itsahusbandthing.

Have a 55-gallon rainwater barrel that you’re ready to sacrifice for the sake of producing your own compost? If so, you don’t want to miss out on this idea.

8. Metal Drum Compost Bin

Shared by thedaily.gardner.

No rain barrel? Well, how about an old metal drum, or as we call them back in Indiana, a burn barrel?

If so, you’re going to be scooping compost in no time.

9. Paint Bucket Mini Compost Bin

Idea via acrelife.

Don’t have a big barrel of any kind? Well, how about a power drill and an old paint bucket, or even an ice cream bucket?

If so, you’ve got yourself a personal-sized composter to go. If you’re lucky, it may even have a handle.

10. Gorgeous Wooden Bin

Idea via blackanddecker.

Presented by Black and Decker, this idea is a beautiful one indeed! What else can we say?

Mmmwah. Perfection!

11. Stealth (Trashcan) Compost Bin

Shared by littlehouseontheurbanprairie.

If you happen to be a Mafia hitman or the real-life Dexter, you may already have a couple of these in your basement.

Turns out that they also come in really handy as urban compost solutions and are a great fit for those tight places.

12. Coffin Style Compost Bin

Idea shared by finegardening.

Speaking of gardeners that happen to work as contract killers, as chance would have it, pine boxes also end up as excellent compost bins.

For everyone else, this idea takes a single afternoon to put together and it is quite effective.

Which Compost Bin Idea is Right for You?

Depending on your composting needs, as well as how many weeds, scraps, and other organic matter you have to add to it throughout the year, the best compost bin for you may not be the same one that your neighbor has… no matter how nifty it looks.

At any rate, you should put some real effort into choosing the best compost bin idea for you and your yard or garden. That said, we hope our list helps inspire you.

Is your bin for compost based on one of the ideas found here in our list, or do you have a really great compost bin idea that you feel should be shared with our audience? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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