Every garden doesn’t necessarily need a fence, but they sure do add a whole lot of character. And in our opinion, the more creative the fence the better. Here are 11 of our favorite creative garden fence ideas:

1. Handmade Criss-Cross Fence

Idea/Photo via ideaspallet.selbermachendeko.com

This garden fence is a great DIY project for someone with plenty of time, patience, and well, wood on their hands! The criss-crossed design really sets things off visually, plus it’s easy to build.

2. Criss-Crossed Tree Fence

Allthough this idea is a great one, not everyone has the time to train small trees into fences and wait for them to grow up and eventually grow into each other. You have to admit though, it looks like the sort of fence you might enter on the way to Bilbo Bagins hobbit hole for a spot of tea.

Primitive Fence of Branches

This wooden garden fence idea is as simple or complicated as you want to make it out to be. More or less, it is a simplified version of the number one idea on our list, just without the extra cross posts for criss crossing the fence together. With this version, you have bigger branches and you’ll need to tie them off.

Primitive Fence of Branches #2

Idea/Photo via finegardening.com

The fourth idea is a bit primitive, but it leaves plenty of room to imagine what sort of fence you could build for your garden by throwing together a few branches and a handful of rocks.

Classic Wooden Garden Fence

Idea/Photo via rockyhedgefarm.com

Harkening back to the good old days of victory gardens, this classic looking wooden garden fence idea is a real winner. The great part about it is the clean look it gives your garden.

Fence of Chicken Wire and Branches

Photo/Idea via MeatFireGood on flickr

The sixth idea on our list is a bit different, being composed of chicken wire in addition to wood. The design of the branches really gives this one nice homemade aesthetics that are more than appealing to the eye.

Artsy Wooden Fence with Arch

Idea/Photo via romancingthewoods.com

Another fairy tale like fence idea that puts you back at the Shire, and fits well with flower gardens as well as vegetable gardens, is this lovely wooden garden fence and gate. Does anyone else see the mud monster in the photo dragging itself across the field? How crazy!

Mini Stone Wall and Split Rail Fence

Idea/Photo via archzine.net

A quaint little fence idea that works wonders for flow beds as well as permacultures and seasonal gardens is this cutsie miniature stone wall and spilt rail fence.

Medieval Village Garden Fence

Idea/Photo via gumtau on flickr

The ninth idea on the list may look like a garden fence straight out of a medieval village, but we know it isn’t because there is a wrought-iron fence in teh background that looks pretty new. If you’d like a medieval style garden fence, here’s your card.

Sleek Vented Privacy Fence

For those looking for privacy, rather than beauty that incites daily envy from the neighbors, this idea might be the one for you. It makes a great way to block out the neighbors gorgeous lawns too.

Honeycomb Garden Fence

Idea/Photo via backyardboss.net

Why build a regular fence with wood planks when you can build one that looks like this? I know right? That’s what we thought as well.

What Does Your Garden Fence Look Like?

We love creative garden fences, they just seem to add so much enchantment and atmosphere to our yards and gardens. If you have a fence around your garden, or are building one, wed love to see pictures or videos of it! Feel free to share with our audience in the comments section below.

If you are still searching for the right design, good luck! There are definitely enough great ideas out there to find inspiration from.

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