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There’s nothing as relaxing as sitting around a fire pit with loved ones in your own backyard or garden.

Thankfully, there are countless types of fire pit ideas floating around the internet today.

No matter what sort of materials you want to use, or how you want it to look, there is a DIY backyard fire pit idea on our list for you!

Read on below and discover the best fire pit to build in your own yard or garden! Or, if you prefer, check out these cool root cellar ideas or DIY pond ideas for yards and gardens.

1. DIY In-Ground Fire Pit With Fireproof Brick

2. DIY Outdoor 5-Tier Fire Pit From Fireproof Brick

3. Brick and Mortar Circular Fire Pit and Attached Smoker

4. DIY Vented Fire Pit From Fire Proof Bricks

5. DIY Corner Fire Pit From Large Stone Slabs

6. DIY Aluminum and Pebble Backyard Fire Pit

7. DIY Fire Pit From Fireproof Brick on Stone Slabs

8. Half-Buried DIY Fire Pit Surrounded By Gazebo With Swings

9. Bowl-Style Fire Pit Surrounded by Backyard Terrace

10. DIY Double Fire Pit Grill From Large Fireproof Bricks

11. Large Bowl-Style Fire Pit Surrounded by DIY Circular Bench

12. Covered Fire Pit Set in the Center of a Circular Stone Patio

13. Sunken Fire Pit With Stone Patio and Firewood Storage

14. Squared DIY Stone Fire Pit With Fireproof Tile Top

15. Raised Circular Fire Pit From Fireproof Brick with Stone Bench

16. Rustic DIY Fire Pit in Gravel With Stone Seating

17. Primitive Stone Fire Pit and Concrete Bench

What DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Are Right For Your Lawn or Garden?

Which of the many great DIY backyard fire pit ideas listed above is right for your yard or garden?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, below! Let us know which ideas you like, or share an idea of your own if you wish!

Thanks for reading, and we wish you the best of luck choosing, planning, and building a DIY backyard fire pit idea!

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