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DIY garden furniture changes the entire atmosphere of your yard and garden, including the comfort level. In this article, we take a look at 11 of the most clever DIY garden furniture ideas of the year.

1. Pallet Sectional Couch with Throw Cushions

We’ve all seen plenty of pallet furniture, but honestly, does much of it look all that comfortable? If we’re being perfectly honest.. no, it doesn’t!

But, this pallet sectional with throw cushions genuinely looks like it could be one of the most comfortable (and solid) DIY pallet garden furniture designs out there. You will need some power tools for this one though!

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2. Recycled Pallet Hide-Away Garden Nook

This hide-away nook made from recycled pallets and a few old rollers is one of the most comfy-looking pieces of garden furniture on our list (and possibly that we’ve ever seen).

You may need a few extra screws (and possibly other small pieces of hardware) but when it’s all said and done, you’ll be happily tucked away in your new garden nook (or porch nook).

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3. Twig Furniture for Fairies (Miniature Garden Furniture)

This quaint garden furniture idea from is a great DIY project to perform for children (and adults as well), whether it’s a rainy day or out in the garden with the sun shining.

The greatest part is that all you need for this project is a few twigs and some super-glue when it comes right down to it. It’s quick, it’s practically free, it’s easy, and it’s absolutely enchanting.

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4. DIY Pallet Double-Wide Lounger

This handsome piece of DIY garden furniture looks both sturdy as can be and like it would be quite comfortable with a blank and some throw pillows.

The best part about it is that it seems super basic and easy to build as well. All you need is a few pallets, a tool or two (hammer and drill), and to take a look at the link below describing the details of the build.

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5. Fairy Picnic Table

If you liked number 4 (the rustic twig furniture for fairies), why not compliment it with a brand-shining-new picnic table of polished and stained Popsicle sticks?

Fairy furniture is more garden art than garden furniture, for humans. But, if you’re willing to build it, the fairies are sure to appreciate it. Who knows, maybe your crops will fair even better than ever!

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6. Tic Tac Toe Garden Table

Whether you enjoy spending time in the garden, as in hanging out there, or you simply enjoy rustic garden art, the tic tac toe table is one for the books. It is both functional and fun to look at.

If you host company in the garden area or have kids around, the table will produce lots of “oo0’s” and “aah’s” as well as hours of fun playing tic tac toe. If you don’t like ladybugs, paint the stones as fruits, veggies, animals, flowers, or something else!

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7. Large Outdoor Sofa

This large outdoor sofa is as good as it gets for DIY wooden garden furniture. Throw a few cushions on this bad boy and you’re good for seating a party of 6 to 10 people.

The details for this build are linked to below. But, keep in mind, this build could be duplicated with pallets and scrap wood as well (basically for free). At any rate, let us know what you think!

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8. Cinder Block and Beam Bench

The cinder block and beam bench depicted with cushions above are one of the quickest and easiest DIY garden furniture builds that we’ve ever seen, period. Likewise, it is one of the more sturdy-looking pieces of build-it-yourself type outdoor furniture out there.

The fact that you can put this thing together in five minutes flat makes it highly appealing. Just remember to take into consideration what sort of cushion or padding you want to add to it (the one downside is that it doesn’t look as comfortable as other furniture).

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9. Plank and Trellis Cocktail Bar

As with post number 7 (the large outdoor sectional couch), this plank and trellis cocktail bar could also be done with pallets for extremely cheap or even free (with a bit more labor on your part). The great thing is that you can customize the bar to fit your back porch, garden area, shed, or wherever you please.

Have a look at the plans linked to below, if you’re interested in carrying out this build. Keep an open mind and consider the materials you have on hand, who knows what sort of cocktail bar you may come up with!

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10. Wooden Bench with Attached Planter

This high and open-backed wooden bench with built-in planters is a real winner in our book. It looks great anywhere (the garden, front porch, back parch, on the side of the house), and is extremely functional. You can sit on it, you can grow things in the planters, and it looks amazing.

This specific piece of DIY garden furniture is sure to make the neighbors, in-laws, and possibly siblings jealous. It’s sure to make all your other plant containers and benches jealous too! Check out the plans, below!

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What is Your Favorite DIY Garden Furniture Idea?

Which do-it-yourself garden furniture ideas do you like best? We’re going with number 10, the Wooden Bench with Attached Planter!

Do you currently have self-made furniture in your garden, or plan on building some soon? If so, we’d love to hear about it (or see it!) in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

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