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Any serious garden deserves a garden tool shed. Thankfully, there are countless DIY garden tool shed ideas to choose from.

No matter what your budget is, we’ve got a great garden tool shed idea that you can build yourself!

Read on below and discover the best one for you!

DIY Open Potting and Tool Shed

A diy open potting and tool garden shed with teal and natural colored wood.
Idea shared by caruth-studio

This DIY open potting and tool shed is perfect for those who want an aesthetically pleasing and multi-purpose gardening shed. You can store small tools, hang larger ones, and do your potting there as well.

DIY Closet-Style Garden Tool Shed

A closet-style DIY garden and tool shed with a ponity roof, in sky blue with garden tools in it and a potting surface.
Idea shared by The Owner-Builder Network

Depending on how you build it, you can have multiple shelves inside for storing smaller items or leave it open enough for hanging large tools like hoes, rakes, and shovels.

You can also make and attach a nifty foldout surface for potting.

DIY Recycled Window(s) Garden Shed

a large garden shed made from leftover windows and doors with a plexiglass ceiling.
Idea shared by Bridgette Richardson

If you happen to have a bunch of old windows lying around the place you can slap them all together with a few nails and pieces of spare lumber.

The result is a unique-looking garden tool shed that may double as a greenhouse.

Basic DIY Hanging Rack for Garden Tools

A hanging tool rack made out of wood, with large garden tools like shovels and rakes hanging on it.
Idea shared by

This DIY idea isn’t exactly a tool shed per se, but it does give you ample space to store your larger garden tools like shovels, rakes, and hoes.

These hanging racks work splendidly on both interior and exterior garden shed walls as well.

DIY Garden Shed with Gutter and Water Catching Barrel

a DIY garden tool shed that has been pieced together with old windows, wood, and a water barrel with a white gutter on one side of the roof.
Idea shared by Dad

This ingenuitive garden shed works well for storing tools, as a mini greenhouse, and even as a chicken coop if you so please to use it as such.

The garden shed also makes a wonderful rain catcher and base for a DIY irrigation system for your garden.

DIY Garden Tool and Potting Shed from Recycled Pallets

A house-shaped open-face DIY garden tool shed idea made from old pallets nailed together.
Idea shared by Carl Long

If you can find yourself a handful of old wooden pallets and scrape together a can full of nails, you can build a lovely DIY garden tool shed from scratch.

You can even add DIY wood shakes to the roof from additional pallets that you break down for a waterproof top.

Greenhouse and Garden Shed (Pre-Built)

a garden shed that looks like a little cottage, with a small greenhouse on one end and a wooden front porch.
Idea shared by

This greenhouse and garden shed unit comes pre-built by the folks at Salem Structures. If you search locally, you can find a similar type of unit for purchase.

The DIY part of this garden shed comes in when you install the gravel foundation and garden path leading to the porch.

DIY Garden Tool Shed from Recycled Planks

A wooden tool shed in a garden along side of a house.
Idea shared by HomeTalk

If you’ve recently deconstructed an old fence or building, why not consider using the old planks or fence panels to construct yourself a new DIY garden tool shed?

The garden frog’s example above goes to show what wonders can be created from a pile of scrap wood and a few dollars’ worth of new supplies.

DIY Mini Cottage Shed from Recycled Materials

an old wooden DIY garden tool shed idea in the corner of a garden with a wooden privacy fence behind it, the paint is faided old white and you can see a white fridge inside the shed.
Idea shared by

This DIY garden shed has enough room for all your garden tools, a potting station, and even the kitchen sink if you so desire to throw it in there.

If you don’t have a root cellar, this design also doubles as a cold storage unit for fruits and veggies with a bit of preparation.

Mailbox in the Garden for Storing Tools

An open mailbox in a tilled garden with woodchips on the ground, there are tools inside the mailbox and the door is open with gloves laying on it.
Idea shared by Love to Pin

Here’s another great idea that doesn’t technically qualify as a garden shed, but one that does allow enough room for storing your main garden hand tools.

All you need to do is slap a pole in the ground and attach an old mailbox to it, and wallah! Instant toolbox in the garden.

Portable Barrel for Garden Tools

A large white barrel on a hand-truck with two wheels, you can see large garden tools sticking out of the top such as a pickaxe, hoe, and shovel.
Idea shared by

One last idea that isn’t really a garden shed at all, but works just as well in many cases, is this mobile barrel for storing garden tools.

You can fit all of your tools in it, including extra supplies and even your largest tools like shovels and rakes.

The best part is you can move it wherever you need it or want it.

Barn-Style Garden Tool Sheed with Wood Shake Roof

A barn type garden shed with an awning and wooden shake roof.
Idea shared by

If you have the time, the money, and the desire, a barn-like garden shed for tools and supplies, such as this one featured by is an amazing investment to make in your garden.

Not only are these structures absolutely adorable, but they are also far more beneficial than other aesthetically pleasing sheds (offering more room and a sturdier structure in general).

Painting the structure red makes it even more barn-like!

DIY Cottage-Style Garden Tool Shed

A little grey garden shed with gravel and plants and flowers all around in pots, it looks like a little cottage house.
Idea shared by Follow The Yellow Brick Home

When you’re after a cutsie garden shed to make the neighbors envious, few ideas are as spot on as a cottage-style garden tool shed like the one above featured by Follow The Yellow Brick Home.

This shed gives you all the room you need for tools, potting, and more. Plus it looks simply amazing.

DIY 1-Car-Garage-Style Wooden Garden Tool Shed

a simple one car garage attached to a house, it is made from fresh lumber and metal roof flashing.
Idea shared by

If you are a few dollars to pitch into your project for lumber, and some spare room in your driveway, or near an outbuilding, you can throw together a 1-car garage-type shed for your gardening needs in no time.

Just whip up a basic frame out of 1×2 or 2×4 boards and screws with a drill, and cover the walls with the wood of your choice. Even recycled wood works well for a DIY garden shed project like this one.

Which DIY Garden Tool Shed Ideas Are Right for You?

What about you? Which DIY garden tool shed ideas do you like best?

Do you have an idea to share with our audience?

Either way, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below! Thanks for reading.

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