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Milk jug gardening ideas are just the sort of DIY projects that are quick and easy enough for anyone, regardless of skill level or how much free time you have.

Better yet, milk jugs have such a wide range of uses that anyone can make use of them, no matter what sort of gardening they enjoy the most.

Read on below and explore these 9 quick and easy DIY milk jug gardening ideas!

1. DIY Piggy Planter (for Flowers)

Do we need to say anything about this adorable and amazing DIY piggy planter idea? Just look at the thing!

This idea is perfect for growing flowers, herbs, and other small plants like strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

2. Vertical Herb Garden (with DIY Rack and Milk Jugs)

This DIY rack is made from cheap and recycled lumber and takes just a few minutes to drill or nail together.

Cut the bottom off the bottoms of a few dozen milk jugs and quickly and easily attach them to the rack for a DIY vertical garden.

3. DIY Hanging Flower Planters (for Flowers)

The third DIY milk jug gardening idea on our list is one of our favorites!

If you have a window ledge or fence to hang them from, these hanging flower planters are incredibly useful and easy to make.

4. DIY Watering Can for Gardening

Do you go through too many watering cans?

If so, consider creating a DIY watering can for your hand-watering needs in the future (and save yourself a few dollars rather than buying new watering cans).

5. DIY Terrarium (Painted with Markers)

For families that enjoy gardening, this idea is a real winner.

A DIY terrarium is easy to make, takes little to no money, and kids genuinely enjoy helping create and decorate them.

6. DIY Seed Starting Tray (From Bottom of Milk Jug)

If you start a lot of your own plants, rather than buying starter plants, these DIY seed starting trays help get the job done right.

Truthfully, this idea is one of the biggest money-saving uses for milk jugs by avid gardeners (seed trays are constantly needed, and they aren’t free – unless you make them yourself!).

7. Milk Jug Mini-Greenhouse (for Outdoor Seedlings)

This idea is one that really makes a difference during the cold gardening season, though they are useful all year.

These DIY milk jug mini-green houses work for starting new seedlings, adding humidity around small plants, as well as protecting slightly larger plants from the elements.

8. DIY Birdhouse (From Sticks, Wire, and a Milk Jug)

Trying to attract birds to your yard or garden?

Why not turn a few old milk jugs into birdhouses and fill them with birdseed?

Further, if you have kids, they’ll love giving you a hand on this project, for sure!

9. Milk Jug Planter (Painted Solid and Decorated)

Are you into growing and caring for house plants, or outdoors gardening with containers?

If so, you don’t want to overlook the opportunity to turn all your spent milk jugs into ornamental containers for your plants.

Which DIY Milk Jug Gardening Ideas Are Best For You?

With all of the amazing ideas for repurposing your milk jugs, listed above, we know that you’ll find the perfect DIY project to get started on.

We are always updating our lists of DIY gardening ideas, so if you know a great idea for milk jug gardening, why not share it with our audience?

That said, we’re also curious about which of the items on our list is your favorite, and why.

So, we’d love to hear about it, from you, in the comments section below! Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your DIY milk jug projects.

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