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A potting bench is a dedicated surface space for potting plants, mixing potting soil, and making other pre-planting gardening preparations.

Everybody who has a garden should consider building or buying one at some point.

Thankfully, there are tons of easy DIY potting bench ideas to choose from when you do decide to get one!

Read on below and explore our favorite 12 options for DIY potting bench ideas for your yard, garden, or greenhouse!

1. DIY Pallet Potting Bench With Cubies

Several wooden pallets stacked on each other and painted light blue as a potting desk with lots of storage cubies.
Idea shared by prudentpennypincher.

One of the easiest DIY potting bench ideas you can make for your yard, garden, or greenhouse is one seen in the picture above.

All you need to make this potting bench if a handful of old pallets and some paint.

2. “Fresh Flowers” DIY Potting Desk (Bench)

A small writing desk with a door attached to it as a potting bench.
Idea shared by Hellolidy.

Before you haul those old doors to the dump and throw out that old furniture, why not whip them together into the potting bench you’ve always wanted?

3. DIY Potting Bench With Stool (Painted Green)

a potting bench painted green with a green stool.
Idea shared by Risya Rini.

If you want something with a bit of style, grab a few pieces of fresh lumber and a pint of paint.

Following the instructions for the DIY potting bench idea shown above, you’ll have a new surface to do all of your potting that looks great in no time.

4. Heavy-Duty DIY Potting Bench With Doors

A DIY potting bench made out of crates and fresh lumber.
Idea shared by Reality Daydream.

Want an extra wide potting bench so you can handle plants, shrubs, trees, and planting trays?

Click on through to this DIY potting bench idea shared by Reality Daydream!

Alternatively, potting bench kits are also available.

5. DIY Potting Desk For Herbs

An old white writing desk that has been repurposed as a potting bench.
Idea shared by HouseofHawthornes.

Another great DIY potting bench idea that revolves around recycled stuff is the one seen above.

All you need is an old writing desk and a corkboard or old shelves.

6. Two-Tier Heavy-Duty DIY Potting Bench With

A heavy-duty DIY potting table with supplies, it is painted in blue and woodgrain.
Idea shared by Antoine Levanniar.

This sort of heavy-duty potting bench is often store-bought, but you can make one from scratch if you’re handy with lumber and tools.

7. DIY Indoor Potting Bench With Hinged Top

A DIY potting table inside with a hinged top, a woman is opening it and there are flowers ready to be potted.
Idea shared by Bowerpowerblog.

If you want a heavy-duty and extra-wide potting bench, indoors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more useful than the bench shown above.

8. DIY Potting Bench For Small Greenhouse

A potting bench made from wood inside of a small DIY greenhouse.
Idea shared by Empressofdirt.

Do you have a small greenhouse but nothing to pot your plants on?

Consider constructing a small bench or throwing an old writing desk in there!

9. A Basic DIY Potting Bench With Two Shelves Under

A plain wooden potting bench with supplies on top and stored on two shelves underneath it.
Idea shared by theSpruce.

An old kitchen table works fabulously for a potting bench.

Simply throw a few planks underneath and you have all the storage space you need.

10. Tiny Cottage or Garden Shed with Potting Bench Under Awning

A small potting bench built onto the side of a garden shed or tiny home.
Idea shared by Followtheyellowbrickhome.

If you have a small cottage or garden shed, why not build a potting bench directly onto the side of it?

Does your structure already have a slight overhang on one side?

If so, it is the perfect place for erecting a DIY potting bench.

11. DIY Potting Bench With Sink Top

A simple rustic DIY potting bench from planks and an old kitchen counter with sinks.
Idea shared by Pinterest.

This rustic DIY potting bench is basic and is truly all you need.

In fact, there are few projects for the garden that involves kitchen countertops and sinks than an outdoor potting bench.

12. A Covered Potting Bench With Roof

An open-face garden shed with a built in potting bench.
Idea shared by Caruth-studios.

Don’t need a fully enclosed garden shed for your tools?

Why not build an open-sided area for your new DIY potting bench?

Which DIY Potting Bench Idea is Right For You?

With all of the amazing DIY potting bench ideas listed above, you should have no problem picking the best potting bench idea for your yard, garden, or greenhouse.

We want to hear from you in the comments section below!

Which DIY potting bench idea is right for you? Further, do you have a great potting bench DIY project idea to share with our audience? If so drop it below.

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