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Raised beds not only look great, but they also reduce strain on your body, cut back on the number of weeds you have to hassle with each season… and more.

Read on below, and explore these 9 DIY raised beds anyone can build!

1. Basic Wooden Raised Beds

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Basic raised beds made of wood are among the easiest and most popular DIY raised beds to make with home gardeners. Simply fill them in with dirt when you’re done and, blam, you have a ready-to-plant garden bed.

2. Connected Wooden Raised Beds

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Connected raised beds made of wood are also popular for gardening, though they require a lot more materials, time, and effort to build. If you go to the trouble of building these lovely beds, make sure to line the insides with cardboard before you toss in your dirt(that way you create tons of earthworms and worm castings.

3. Raised Bed on Wheels

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This small raised bed design is approximately 2 or 3 feet by 3 or 4 feet wide and built on a wooden skid with wheels. The hinged window attached makes it perfect for starting seeds, and the wheels make it mobile enough to move it exactly where you need it (sun-wise) each season.

4. Wooden Raised Bed With Trellis

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This is another basic wooden raised bed, however, is not as simple as the others. Build a rectangular bed, side it with wooden shake shingles and install a sturdy wooden trellis system on the side of it for the perfect bed for growing climbers and vines.

5. Metal Siding/Roofing and Wooden Raised Bed

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A bit of a heavy-duty design, this metal and wood raised bed features mainly metal siding or roofing materials held together with solid wood trim. Through garden hoops in it and you have a sturdy greenhouse to boot.

6. Fenced-in Wooden Raised Bed

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The fenced-in wooden raised bed design is gaining popularity with home gardeners these days. They tend to feature 2 to 3 connected raised beds (forming one big U, or C) with a light wooden frame and screen door.

7. Basic Stone Raised Bed

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A basic stone-raised garden bed is a great idea if you have access to large stones (and enough strong arms and backs to move them and arrange them!). The downside is that they are expensive, and they are extremely heavy as well, in comparison to other materials for building DIY raised beds at home.

8. Simple Brick Square-Shaped Raised Beds

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A more affordable and just as quaint-looking type of raised bed as the stone design is the brick raised bed. The beds above appear to be meter beds, measuring approximately 3 feet by 3 feet. When sectioned off, they’ll likely have space for 9 medium to large plants (such as vegetables and fruit bushes or vines) or dozens of small ones (like flowers and herbs).

9. Rustic Log Raised Bed

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The rustic wood/log raised bed is another classic that’s making a come-back with gardeners. They are super easy to install, obviously! Also, with seasoned wood, the logs can last for decades before they need to be replaced (especially if you had some stain on them!).

Final Thoughts About DIY Raised Beds

Our favorite DIY raised beds are the connected wooden ones(for up multiple beds), as well as the brick and stone designs (for smaller beds). Hopefully, our list gives you the inspiration to put the best DIY raised bed idea to work in your own yard or garden this year!

Which raised bed designs for DIYers do you like the most? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and good luck picking and building a raised bed!

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