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What kid doesn’t love sandboxes? Our kid sure does enjoy his, and I did too when I was just a little guy pushing dump trucks around. Those are memories I will never forget. Likewise, your child will never forget playing in their sandbox either.

Here are 12 of our very favorite sandbox DIY ideas:

Wooden “Truck” Sandbox

Sandbox idea via thewoodworkshop.

If your little dude is into things that go vroom vroom, he will absolutely adore this truck-style sandbox.

Outside Coffee Table Sandbox

Shared from handmade-heaven.

This coffee table top sandbox is perfect for youngsters that need constant supervision. It is especially great for toddlers.

Pirate Ship Sandbox

Pirate ship sandbox via thewoodworkshop.

This is easily one of the coolest sandbox ideas we’ve ever seen, period. What child wouldn’t love their very own pirate ship?

Wooden Sandbox with Blanket Tent

Idea from Countryliving.

A quick and easy DIY sandbox that will keep the fun going regardless of the sun. It doesn’t get much more simple than this, and the kids will love it because it’s also a tent!

Fully Covered Wooden Sandbox

Shared from diynetwork.

Another cool sandbox that looks relatively easy to build that keeps the sun and rain away. This one isn’t a tent, but is even way cooler, like a small fort(minus the walls!).

Simple Pallet Sandbox

Idea via woodenpalletproject.

If you’re into recycling materials, such as pallets, this could be the DIY sandbox you’ve been looking for. Just remember to sand the wood down and varnish it or you’ll be picking splinters from your little one’s hands and knees!

Wooden Sandbox with Benches

Sandbox idea shared from Etsy.

This sandbox with built-in benches is perhaps not the best project for woodworking novices, but regardless, one that is way too cool to not share with an audience.

Covered Hide-Away Wooden Sandbox

Hideaway sandbox from hammacher.

Looking for a compact sandbox design that will both please your kid as well as save space in your yard? You just found it!

Wooden Sandbox with Storm Doors

Idea by younghouselove.

If you’re in the process of building a bomb shelter or secret lair of some sort, why not disguise it with this sandbox with storm doors? No one will suspect a thing!

Sunken Circular Brick Sandbox

Sandbox idea shared by katob427.

Speaking of never suspecting a thing, if you happen to have a giant killer robot or miniature nuclear silo, this circular-style brick sandbox could be the perfect cover until the time comes.

Wooden Sandbox with Shingled Roof

Idea shared from gina-michele.

Does your little guy love the sand so much that rain, sun, nor snow can keep him out of it? If so, here’s your card.

Miniature Picnic Table Sandbox

Idea shared from Etsy.

This table top miniature picnic table sandbox will not only please your children but it will also more than likely appease your garden gnomes as well.

Circular Sandbox with Stone Border

Circular sandbox with stones idea from thepragmaticparent.

Who said a DIY sandbox needed to be complicated? Slap some rocks in a circular fashion, dump a big ass pile of sand, and wallah, you have a campfire-style circular-ish sandbox.

Tire Sandbox with Lid

Idea via whipperberry.

Did someone mention circular-ish sandboxes? Truth be told, this one is even easier than the last idea. Lay an old tire flat, dump a couple of bags of sand inside, and blam, you’ve just made your kid a brand new sandbox.

Which Sandbox Idea is Your Favorite?

If your little guy loves playing in the sand(and dirt) as much as ours does, any one of these sandboxes would make their day. We are in love with the pirate ship!

Which sandbox idea do you think is just right for your kid/yard? Let us know in the comments section below!

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