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Are you looking for a quick and easy DIY gardening idea to take on today?

What about water bottles, or soda bottles? Do you have a few lying around?

If so… you’re ready to go.

Read on below and discover 12 of the easiest DIY water bottle gardening ideas you can try, for indoor and outdoor gardening projects.

1. DIY Self-Watering Water Bottle Planters

Three DIY water bottle gardening ideas are chopped and modified to be planters, three types of herbs are growing in them
Idea shared by eHow on Pinterest.

These DIY self-watering water bottle planters are among the quickest and easiest indoor gardening ideas for those with a few empty water bottles lying around.

2. DIY Green Wall From Water Bottles (Indoor)

A DIY green wall made from water bottles hanging in an apartment window.
Idea shared by Urbangreensurvival.

Anyone with a dozen or two empty water or soda bottles can quickly and easily put together a DIY green wall.

3. DIY Outdoor Green Wall From Large Water Bottles

A DIY green wall growing lettuce, hanging on a wall outside in the sun.
Idea shared by canimanne.

If you use larger bottles of water, you could opt to throw together a DIY green wall outside on the side of your house, garden shed, garage, or fence.

4. DIY Vertical Planters From Recycled Bottles

Four vertiacal planters DIY from waterbottles, growing strawberries, tomoatoes, and leafy greens.
Idea shared by ranchodelicioso.

A vertical garden planter for your wall, outside, is another great DIY gardening idea to do with your leftover soda and water bottles.

5. DIY Easy Drip Waterers From Water Bottles

A DIY self-watering unit made from a large water bottle.
Idea shared by Stonefamilyfarm.

These DIY easy drip waterers are made by cutting the top off of water bottles and poking a few holes in the bottom.

6. DIY Gravity Watering Mounted Planters

A DIY gravity with mounted planters to catch the rain and water themselves.
Idea shared by morflora.

A gravity-fed self-watering vertical planter like the one shown above takes a bit more effort than other ideas on this list, but it looks amazing and works wonderfully.

7. DIY Water Bottle Cloche

A DIY cloche from 2-liter soda bottles protecting blooming red flowers in the cold.
Idea shared by gardengazettemagazine.

For plants that suffer during the cold, or need extra protection while sprouting or blooming, a larger water or soda bottle with the bottom quarter cut off works perfectly.

8. DIY Irrigation FOR Hanging Planters

A DIY irrigation system made from a single water bottle, in a DIY hanging basiket made from a milk jug panted green.
Idea shared by porch.

By modifying the lid of an empty water bottle to have several holes, and possibly sand or pebbles and a filter, you can stick them in any hanging planter to keep your plants properly moisturized.

9. DIY Garden Irrigation From Stakes and Water Bottles

A full garden of tomato and pepper plants is being watered by water bottles on wooden stakes made from tree branches.
Idea shared by

If you have a large garden with plants that need to be watered one by one, a DIY garden irrigation from stakes and recycled water bottles may be your best bet.

10. DIY Sub-Irrigated Planters From Bottles and Totes

A blue tote with four large water bottles with holes drilled into them in the bottom of the tote and a fifth bottle that feed water into them.
Idea shared by runningwithguts.tumblr.

The DIY sub-irrigated planter made from a large plastic tote and recycled bottles are another great choice for a gardening idea with water bottles if you have a bit more time and resources.

11. DIY Plastic Bottle Indoor Planter

A healthy green tomato plant growing on a window sill indoors in a 2-liter bottle with yellow construction paper wrapped around it, th eplant has 8 or 9 red tomaotoes, an orange one and a few little green ones.
Idea shared by

A large water bottle, modified with a light-blocking layer (like paper or plastic held in place with a rubber band or glue), makes a great indoor planter for semi-ponic and soil-grown plants of just about any size.

12. Mini DIY Greenhouses From Water Bottles

Several water bottles half full with dirt and their lids on, growing little green seedlings inside with condinsation and high humidity.
Idea shared by Miss D.I.Y.

A Mini DIY greenhouse is yet another excellent gardening idea to take on with a few empty old plastic bottles that still have their lids.

Which DIY Water Bottle Gardening Ideas Are Best For You?

The wide range of options above gives you plenty of DIY water bottle gardening ideas to try out this year.

Which one is right for you? Do you know of a great gardening project to do with water bottles?

Let us know what you think, in the comment section below! Thanks for reading.

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