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Watering a garden can be hard work, and expensive to pay for as well. With the right DIY watering system ideas, you can cut those physical and financial efforts down significantly.

Read on below and explore our picks for the 5 best DIY watering systems for your garden!

1. Rainbarrel Gravity Drip System for Gardens

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The system in the picture above looks exceptionally complicated, but gravity drip systems are about as basic as it gets. In fact, you may only need one or two barrels for your garden’s DIY watering system

2. DIY Wicking System for Garden Beds and Planters

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This creative but simple wicking system is an alternative DIY watering system idea for gardens that are most often seen with indoor gardens, container plants, potted trees, and large planters. That said, they work just as well as any other system out there. Those who use wicking systems to water their gardens tend to swear by them.

3. DIY Bottle Drip Watering System for Container Gardens

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The DIY bottle drip watering system is best for container gardens and potted trees. They also work well for larger gardens and raised beds if you space out a bunch of them. They are practically free to build as well, which is extra cool in our book.

4. Easy DIY Drip Irrigation for Garden Rows and Raised Beds

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When you start having a garden as large as we do, or the folks over at, you start to consider easy DIY drip irrigation solutions for your garden rows and raised beds. The tutorial above walks you right through the process.

5. DIY In-Ground Bottle Garden Watering System

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Another really great DIY watering system that a lot of gardeners overlook due to its simplicity, or the amount of effort it takes to get it in place, is the DIY in-ground garden watering system made of bottles. Any soda or water bottle works, but thicker bottles(like Gatoraid bottles) work the best.

Final Thoughts About DIY Watering Systems Ideas for Gardens

There’s a never-ending amount of DIY watering system ideas to try for your garden. Hopefully, the ones on our list make your decision an easier and better-informed one.

Do you have some DIY watering system ideas to share with our audience? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your watering system!

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