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13 diy yard and garden pond ideas

Believe it or not, DIY yard and garden pond ideas aren’t nearly as complicated or expensive as you think they are.

To prove it, we’ve gathered some of the very best and easy DIY pond ideas for yards and gardens below.

Read on below and discover the most suitable DIY pond idea for your yard or garden!

1. DIY Raised Bed Pond with Rocks and Border

A raised bed DIY pond for your yard could be just the thing to do if you have a nice little corner that isn’t being used for anything but pushing up daisies (or just grass).

There are few ways to spice up a little piece of the yard near a porch or deck than a custom raised garden bed pond like the one shown above.

2. DIY Pond From Old Fishing Boat

For those who happen to have an old fishing boat, canoe, paddle boat, or something similar, one great way to kill two birds with one stone is turning the old boat’s hull into a small DIY pond for your yard or garden.

Making a pond for your yard or garden doesn’t get much simpler than this easy idea!

3. Classic DIY Yard Pond with Liner and Stone Border

If you have yard space, whether it is in the front, side, or out back, a medium to a large DIY pond is an excellent project to take on.

Depending on how elaborate you want, the expense, of course, will vary on a project like this one.

4. Small DIY Waterfall Pond with Rock-Lined Basin

A small waterfall makes a lovely focal point in your yard or garden.

It is also a lovely place to sit and smoke or drink coffee each morning or evening.

Even more, these little ponds are much easier to make than they appear.

5. DIY Garden Pond From Old Stock Tank

For those who live on the farm, or at least in a rural setting, old feed containers and stock tanks aren’t at all uncommon to come by.

That said, turning one into a DIY pond for your yard or garden won’t be the prettiest project you’ve ever completed, but it sure is an easy one to complete.

Pro tip: suggest burying the tank like a molded pond basin, and lining the edges with rock for a more natural look!

6. Watercatching DIY Pond Using Existing Gutter Downspout

If you have room in the yard near your gutter system’s downspout, you can shallow out the ground a bit and install pond liner, sand, or even simply rocks, to create a water-catching DIY pond of sorts.

Your imagination is the limit on this easy-to-do project.

7. Three-Tiered DIY Waterfall Yard Pond Idea

If a two-tiered basic waterfall pond, like the one a few numbers ago (on our list of easy DIY yard and garden pond ideas), you may opt for an extra tier (for a total of three tiers in your pond).

That said, attempting a fourth, fifth, or sixth tier will take a bit more time, money, and skill.

8. DIY Koi Pond With Aquatic Plants

For those who want to sit out by their new pond and enjoy the upgraded atmosphere, a DIY koi fish pond with real aquatic plants (as well as fish) may be the best way to go.

These ponds make great focal points in the yard or garden, and will drive the neighbors stark-raving mad!

9. DIY Waterfall Pond for the Back Yard (From Old Barrel)

If you don’t happen to have an old boat or stock tank lying around, perhaps you can scrounge up an old wooden barrel.

Wooden barrels can be waterproofed and rigged to make great water reservoirs and work well as a component in a small rustic DIY waterfall pond (like the one shown above).

10. DIY Swimming Pond for the Yard

Some of us may prefer a pond that can be swum in rather than simply looked at and adored.

If you fall into this category, we recommend researching several easy DIY plans like the one shown above and coming up with your own unique design.

11. DIY Mini-Pond With Plastic Basin

Basin-style ponds are the easiest to install out of all the DIY yard and garden ponds. You can buy the premade basin from a store like Home Depot, Lowes, or even Walmart and then quickly and easily put it into the ground.

The most popular method for these little ponds involves installing a small pump and filter into the ground with it.

12. Minature Pond From Large Flower Pot

No boat, barrel, or tanks left over for recycling in your yard or garden? No sweat.

Chances are you have an old flower pot or can easily purchase one somewhere nearby.

This easy DIY pond is truly as simple (and small) as they come, period.

The best part is, you can even move it around if you decide you don’t like how it looks where you initially put it.

13. DIY Moden Koi Pond for the Backyard

Some DIY ponds are better left built by the professionals… or at least your Uncle Jordan who has built a few things from scratch in his life… like this beautiful koi fish pond and patio shown above.

Which DIY Yard and Garden Pond Ideas Are Right for You?

Hopefully, with all of the great ideas shared with you above, you have no problem picking the best and easiest DIY garden and yard pond idea for your backyard (or for your clients’ property).

The fact of the matter is, one of these diverse ideas surely fits your yard or garden perfectly. The question is, why are you still here reading about it and not out there getting started with your new pond?

Do you have a great DIY yard and garden pond idea to share with our audience? If so, we’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below! Thanks for reading.

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