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Do you still have to propagate plants in a hydroponic garden? It’s a common hydroponic gardening question we’ve been hearing a lot lately.

Plants grown in soil may be propagated by seeds, bulbs, tubers, and cuttings. But, what about hydroponic plants? Does propagation work the same way?

Read on below and discover the answer to this intriguing question!

Do You Need to Propagate Plants in a Hydroponic Garden?

Yes, you still have to propagate plants in hydroponic gardens if you want to regrow them or clone them into new plants. Plants in hydroponic gardens are bound by the same rules of propagation as their soil-based cousins. If you want to propagate and grow new hydroponic plants, you may do so via separating bulbs (and replanting), collecting seeds (and replanting), or taking cuttings from healthy plants.

Propagating new plants, in hydroponics or in soil, isn’t nearly as difficult or complicated as it seems at first.

But, before attempting to propagate a hydroponic plant, do the proper research and learn what type of propagation is most suitable.

Learning how to clone plants is your best bet for starting new plants in a hydroponic garden. That way you can start baby plants from all of your biggest and healthiest plants with ease.

That said, starting seeds in sponges and plugging them right into your hydroponic systems’ grow sites is also a clever propagation trick to master.

That way your new plants grown from seeds don’t need transplanting into the system later. This saves you from accidentally damaging the fresh young root systems of your new plants.

Are you into hydroponic gardening and propagation techniques? If so, what method(s) do you use/suggest to our readers for propagating their hydroponic plants the most successfully?

Let us know in the comments below!

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