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If you are into DIY projects and gardening on a budget, you will love these cheap and easy DIY greenhouse ideas.

Most of them you can build for practically nothing.

Just gather up spare building scraps, and pick one of these 11 cheap and easy DIY greenhouses to build!

(Or, if you prefer, have a look at our guide on everything you need to get started with greenhouse gardening.)

1. Lean-to Mini Greenhouses

Easy DIY greenhouse idea: wooden raised beds with old windows stacked on them and old roof tiles topping them off.
A simple build with reclaimed wood, windows, and roof tiles, from mydesiredhome.

If it’s old-fashioned and simplistic you’re going for, these little greenhouses are easy to build. All you need is a few wooden plants, some nails, an old window or six, and a handful of old roof caps.

2. Mini Raised Bed with Greenhouse Topper

Easy DIY greenhouse idea: a stick-frame  with plastic sheets tacked to it and a hinged top on both sides.
A raised bed with a wood frame and hinged windows from motherearthnews.

Another simple DIY greenhouse that’s made out of a light wooden frame and plastic sheets stapled on. You’ll also need a few hinges for this build.

3. Wood-Frame and Plastic All-Season Greenhouses

A wood framed simple greenhouse that can have plastic sheets added or taken away as needed.
Compact all-season wooden a-frame design via Bepas Garden.

This cheap and easy DIY greenhouse is pretty much the same as the second item on our list. The only difference is that it can sit directly on the ground(rather than being mounted on a raised bed).

4. Garden Organizer, Grow Box, A-Frame Greenhouse Topper Combo

A raised lopsided A-frame greenhouse on top of  a work bench holding garden tools.
A raised grow box with a small wooden a-frame greenhouse topper via ifft/pinterest.

More of a seed starter/hothouse/mini-greenhouse, this cute little unit looks easy enough to whip together. It also appears lightweight and mobile.

5. Simple Grow Boxes With Hinged Windows

Three hot house style DIY greenhouses with old windows and hinges.
Simple reclaimed wood and windows with hinges via apieceofrainbow.

Perfect for growing lettuce through the winter’s coldest months, as well as starting seedlings in the spring and summer, these are some of the most common cheap and easy greenhouses to build.

6. DIY Pallet Grow Box With Hinged Windows

An old cuboard laid down with old windows installed as a top.
An innovative DIY grow box with reclaimed windows from iftt/pinterest.

Another version of the last item on our list, this variation has windows that open in the center and fold outward, rather than windows with a single hinge or that need propped with stakes.

7. Brick Grow Box/Hothouse with Windows

A brick hothouse type greenhouse, made by hand and topped with old windows.
A unique brick-and-mortar greenhouse/hothouse with recycled windows from ifft/pinterest.

This is definitely the greenhouse that the third little pig built. See the sturdy brick design? There’s no doubt about it; even the big bad wolf couldn’t blow this one down.

8. Easy DIY Greenhouse With Retractable Pop-Out

A retractable greenhouse frame built by hand.
A unique wall-mounting retractable greenhouse builds from theidearoom.

Our verdict is still out on this item. We’re just not sure how well it would do in the wind and rain, let alone heavy snow. But, who knows! We’re surprised every day!

9. Easy DIY Greenhouse With Pipe and Timber on Cinder Blocks

A light wooden frame with plastic sheets and cinder blocks.
A homemade pole, timber, cinder block, and plastic greenhouse via knowledgeweighsnothing.

This greenhouse is what you’re likely to see pop up on our side yard sometime soon (we’re shooting for the spring of 2023). It’s sturdy, cost-effective, and can house hydroponics, raised beds, or a dirt floor.

10. Gabled Hybrid Greenhouse

Easy DIY greenhouse idea: alluminum sides, wooden frame, and plastic roof and walls.
A sturdy greenhouse designed with timber, Plexiglas, and metal siding via ana-white.

The last unit on our list is another quick and easy greenhouse, but only if you buy the joists and siding pre-fab. If so, you can put this thing up in a matter of about an hour or two.

11. Square Meter Beds With Hinged Greenhouse Top

A hinged meter bed with curved lid with plastic sheets.
Idea shared from / Majmaia on Pinterest.

Whether you customize your wooden raised beds for square foot gardening or meter gardening, simply adding a light wooden frame with hinges on the top, with PVC pipes and plastic sheeting makes a great miniature greenhouse.

Is a DIY Greenhouse or Traditional Greenhouse Right for You?

If you’re interested in growing your own vegetables and herbs, a DIY greenhouse might be the right choice for you.

An easy DIY greenhouse is generally quicker and less complicated to build than a traditional greenhouse. It also gives you greater control over the climate inside the structure. DIY greenhouses also have the added benefit of being more cost-effective, as you can source materials from secondhand stores or even salvage them from other projects.

An easy DIY greenhouse also allows you to customize it to suit your needs. You can choose different materials, shapes, and sizes when building your own greenhouse so that it suits your garden and landscape perfectly. You can also add extra features such as automated watering systems or adjustable vents to help regulate the temperature inside the structure.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to grow your own plants at home, a DIY greenhouse could be just what you need. With some simple supplies and some elbow grease, you could be well on your way to creating your very own oasis in no time!

That said if you have the budget, hiring professionals to build a traditional greenhouse could be the way to go – they tend to come with a warranty, and customer service, and last longer as well.

Tools and Materials Needed for Making an Easy DIY Greenhouse

When it comes to building a DIY greenhouse, you will need some essential tools and materials to get the job done right.

The basics tools for erecting a DIY greenhouse include:

  • hammer
  • saws
  • screwdrivers or drill with various bits
  • tape measure
  • a level

The primary materials needed for building a DIY greenhouse include:

  • lumber
  • plywood or other types of wood for the frame of the structure
  • acrylic sheets or glass for the walls and roof
  • nails, screws, and/or fasteners to hold everything together
  • insulation material such as bubble wrap or fiberglass insulation
  • sealant to help keep the structure airtight

Other items you may need for your finishing your DIY greenhouse include:

  • paint or varnish for protecting the wood from the elements
  • drainage pipes or gutters to collect excess water in case of flooding
  • a fan or heater to regulate the temperature inside the structure
  • an automated watering system and adjustable vents

Depending on how complex your DIY greenhouse idea is, you may need additional tools and materials – or, you may very well use less than what is listed here.

What is Your Favorite Cheap and Easy DIY Greenhouse?

What do you think of the inexpensive and easy-to-build greenhouse on our list? Have you completed something similar?

Or, plan to soon? I so, feel free to share pics, videos, or instructions below! We would love to see it.

Also, if you’re interested in buying a greenhouse kit, you might like to check out our review on the best 4 quick and easy greenhouse kits this year.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer to read up on DIY Greenhouses vs Greenhouse Kits?

Thanks for reading and good luck with your easy DIY greenhouse project!


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