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Collecting rainwater has never been easier! Read on below and discover these 6 easy rainwater collection ideas!

1. Rainwater Harvester (with Umbrella)

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This sort of rainwater harvester is best for off-grid water collection, where there is no house/structure with a roof and gutters to assist. They also work well in large gardens that aren’t close to other water sources.

2. Triple Drum Rainwater Collector (165-gallons)

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If you have a lot of water to do, including flower beds, trees, and garden variety plants, a triple drum rainwater collector could be the solution for you. In fact, you can use the same design from to build a double or even quadruple drum system if you want to.

3. Heavy-Duty Trash Can Rainwater Collector

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A single drum system is more than enough if you don’t have much need for collecting rainwater. The design is simple, as you can see from the picture above! You can easily divert the water in any direction you need.

4. Gutter Downspout Feeding a Large Container

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The gutter downspout from your home, shed, or outbuildings can be set up to deposit water directly into any large container of your choice. The water can then be filtered and used for water various purposes you may have for it.

5. Rustic Barrel as a Classic Rainwater Catcher

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If a single barrel is enough rainwater collection for you, perhaps for watering a small garden, fruit trees, or a flower bed, a rustic barrel works great. Add a few bits and pieces to it from the local hardware store and it’s a true work of art.

6. Metal Rainwater Container Under Downspout

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Whether you’re filling an outdoor pond, hydroponic system, or simply collecting rainwater for other uses, a large metal container like the one in the picture above is perfect for sitting under a downspout. It works just like a reservoir. If you add a spigot to the bottom and sit it on blocks, even better!

Thoughts About Easy DIY Rainwater Collection Ideas

There’s a never-ending supply of easy rainwater collection ideas out there that you can do yourself, including the 6 in the list above.

The real question is, which type of collection system are you going to build and use for you’re own rainwater needs? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your DIY rainwater system!

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