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Landscaping doesn’t always have to be super hard work, or all that expensive either. Read on below and discover 6 easy landscaping ideas for your home and garden!

1. Build an Outdoor Herb Garden

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The outdoor herb garden has a certain appeal of sophistication that comes with it. It’s also extremely practical and grants you constant access to fresh herbs.

2. Staged a Bucket of Spilled Flowers

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These staged buckets that look like flowers are spilling out of them have a really cool aesthetic appeal. Maybe adding one through the center, or along the side of your new herb garden would be even more appealing to look at!

3. Build a Stone Retaining Wall

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Building a retaining wall is never a bad idea if you have the time and the money. It isn’t hard, in fact, it’s super easy. The only drawback is that it costs a few pennies for the stone or bricks!

4. Setup a Bottle Tree or Bush

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Over the past few decades the bottle bush, or bottle tree as seen above, has become a pretty popular landscaping design. They’re REALLY easy to make, and you can design the bottles however you want.

5. Fence Off a Section of Yard for a Garden

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For those with a bit more time, and money, on their hands, fencing off a section of the yard and creating a curated garden is a lovely landscaping idea. It’s not a hard one either, but it does take a bit more effort than the other, more basic, ideas on our list.

6. Build Some Raised Beds for Vegetables, Fruit, or Flowers

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Raised beds are one of the best easy landscaping ideas there is, period. It doesn’t even matter what material, or the shape; they look amazing as garden beds, flower beds, and herb gardens.

Final Thoughts About Easy Landscaping Ideas

These 6 easy landscaping ideas for homes and gardens are perfect for those with little time, or who are working on a budget(with the exception of the retainer wall, which costs several hundred dollars at the least).

Which idea do you like, or do you have an easy landscaping idea to share with the audience? If so, please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your landscaping!

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