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Choosing the best gardening gifts for her for Christmas is always a bit more intense than picking gifts for others, because she loves gardening, and, well… she’s not just the average person!

Whether “she” is your mom, girlfriend, wife, or daughter isn’t what’s important…

It’s the Christmas gift waiting under the tree for her on the big morning that matters here.

But, what will that be? If she has a garden or likes plants, there are some really great gardening gifts for her for Christmas if you take the time to explore the options!

13 Gardening Gifts for Her for Christmas

Christmas presents in boxes with ribbons tied and a candle burning and christmas tree gardening gifts for her for Christmas day

There are countless options for great gardening gifts for her this Christmas with all of the amazing products floating around the internet.

That’s why we’re helping you cut through the clutter… all the way past over-gifted, boring, and over-rated gifts alike, and straight to our very favorite picks for gardening-related gifts for the special woman in your life:

1. Hydroponics Growing System

For women who really enjoy growing things, regardless of the weather, or whether it’s indoors or outdoors that their “gardening”, a hydroponic grow system might well be the very best gift you could give them this year.

Home hydroponics is becoming more and more popular each year, and less misunderstood. That said, hydroponic grow kits still lag behind DIY hydroponic setups in popularity (simply due to costs).

But, if she’s shone interest in hydroponics, or advanced gardening she is less likely to leave the gift collecting dust in the closet (like someone may have 25 years ago) and will most likely use it to grow herbs, fruits, veggies, house plants, or flowers.

This system comes with 12 plant pods, an AC/DC power adaptor for power, and features 3 built-in grow light modes. The system runs on 38-Watt lights, for veg, flowering, and fruiting.

The unit is lightweight, easy to set up, and even easier to use. Basically, insert a pod, tap a button or two, and you’re good to go (for the most part).

What we love about this gift: this home hydroponic system is great for beginners and advanced gardeners. It works well for learning, as well as for actually growing herbs, veggies, and other plants.

2. Plant Propagation Stations Terrarium with Wooden Stand

Whether it’s a side gift to go along with the hydroponic growing system you decided to buy her this year, or as a stand-alone gift, this wooden terrarium plant propagation station is an exciting gift for those who love flowers and other plants that clone easily.

All you need to do is take a cutting from a healthy plant, drop them into the glass flasks (with a bit of water), and sit back. Within days your cuttings will be in the middle of developing extensive root systems.

What we love about this gift: these propagation stations are fun to use for cloning and for teaching about cloning. They can also be decorative as well.

3. Solar Light Hummingbird Wind Chimes

The hummingbird is one of the most elusive visitors to our yards and gardens, but most of us are thrilled to see them when we do.

With these solar-light windchimes set, you can see hummingbirds in the garden every day (and help keep naughty birds from eating your crops).

What we love about this gift: these windchimes not only look really cool, they are actually a clever form of pest control to keep birds and small mammals away from the garden.

4. Leather Gardening Gloves

Sure, they aren’t romantic, but maybe “she” is your mom, sister, or friend, and the gift doesn’t need to be so much romantic as it does practical.

These sturdy leather gardening gloves will last her for years to come. Gardening-related gifts don’t get much more useful than a long-lasting pair of gloves.

If you want to make a set for her, consider throwing in a decent gardening apron with the gift as well!

What we love about this gift: these gloves are a basic item, but they are high-quality and will last the wearer for countless seasons in the garden.

5. 8-Piece Garden Tools Gardening Gift Set

If your gift recipient has just only recently begun to show interest in gardening or picked the hobby back up, a gardening tool kit like this 8-piece gift set above may be the perfect option for her.

These kits typically include a shovel, rake, trowel, fork, spray bottle, gloves, snippers, and miniature apron or tool belt.

Basically, these tool sets come with everything but the hose, and the kitchen sink.

Some gardening gift sets come with quite a bit more, while other sets only include three basic gardening tools; the trowel, shovel, and fork.

What we love about this gift: no matter what level of gardening skill the person you shopping for has, you can find a gardening gift set that suits their specific gardening needs.

6. Deluxe Herb Garden Kit

For the aspiring indoor gardenist, few gifts are more useful than an herb garden kit.

The deluxe garden herb kit includes everything you need to get started with growing eight of the primary kitchen herbs.

The kit includes a guide written by experts to guide you along the way, regardless of skill level and gardening experience.

What we love about this gift: for people who love to grow stuff all year round, this gift is a breath of fresh air on Christmas morning (and a few weeks after as the new herbs are growing their first sets of true leaves.

7. Gardening Bench for Kneeling and Sitting

No matter what age your gift recipient is, if they spend a lot of time gardening outdoors, or plan to do so in the future, a gardening bench like the one shown above is one of the best gift options, period.

This bench is for kneeling as well as sitting on or even using it as a temporary working surface.

The ends of the bench have a place for hanging an apron for your gardening tools as well (so you can just pick up the bench and carry everything at once).

What we love about this gift: these gardening benches are one of the most innovative and beneficial gardening “tools” that many gardeners don’t even know they are missing. It’s perfect for anyone that spends time outside working with plants (in the garden, landscape, or flower beds).

8. Succulent and Cactus Growing Kit

Another amazing gardening-related gift, specifically for Christmas day (when everything is likely still dormant and frozen outside) is a succulent and cactus growing kit.

These kits include everything you need to get started, including containers, growing medium, baby succulents, and cacti.

Succulents and cacti both make great houseplants and take extremely little care.

What we love about this gift: anyone can use this kit, and it does wonders for those who are missing live plants in the winter. Setting this kit up gives you an instant splash of color and live plants to look at.

9. 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller

The Sun Joe 16-inch electric garden tiller has a 13.5 amp motor that lets you till up to 8 inches deep and approximately 16 inches wide.

The tiller is built with 6 sturdy steel tines that are angeled for maximum tilling power.

The handle of the tiller folds down, and the entire unit is surprisingly lightweight for a tiller to begin with. It is easy to transport by hand.

Even more, the tiller has three easy adjustments so you can till your garden exactly how you want to.

The manufacturer includes a two-year warranty and renowned customer service for the tiller as well.

What we love about this gift: this tiller is well-respected in the gardening communities that we are a part of and is super easy for women to use (as well as short and skinny people).

10. 18-Inch Single Stage Electric Snow Blower

The 18-inch single-stage electric snow blower from Snow Joe is a beast compared to a snow shovel, but a friendly beast indeed.

The snow blower throws 650 pounds of snow per minute with its 14.5 amp electric motor.

The unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver, even for “her”.

Whether you need to clean up a driveway, or sidewalk, or help the neighborhood kids dig out their school bus stop, this snow blower can help you get your snow jobs done quickly and easily.

This model comes with a 3 Watt LED light, so you can blow snow even in the early morning, or late at night when there is little to no light.

The best part is that this unit takes no gas, requires no tune-ups, and starts up and cuts off with ease.

What we love about this gift: is anyone that who is tall enough to stand behind this machine (and strong enough to push a baby stroller) can easily operate it, and move hundreds of pounds of snow in just minutes.

Runner Up Gardening Gifts for Her for Christmas

Depending on the “her” you’re shopping for, the following handful of items here may be equally awesome to the Christmas gifts for her on the list above.

Here are our 3 runners up gardening gifts for her for Christmas:

11. Bonsai Start Kit With Everything

There are many bonsai starter kits on the market, but not all of them actually include everything you need to get started.

This one, however, does just that: it comes with the growing medium, container, tree, instructions, and more.

If she enjoys trees or has expressed interested in trying a bonsai tree, this gift could be the one for her.

12. Gardening Hat for Blocking the Sun

The gardener is not truly complete until they have all of the correct garden apparel, including a hat to block the sun.

The hat above is a great choice, generally speaking, for females.

But, you know your person better than we do, so be sure to shop around and pick a hat that suits her best.

13. Assorted Fabric Grow Bags

Does your person love gardening so much that she is constantly hauling plants, shrubs, and even trees around the yard and garden?

Whether she’s taking plants indoors for the winter or has a pension for planting tomatoes and cucumbers each year, these fabric grow bags are a hard Christmas gift to beat.

This particular pack of bags includes seven assorted fabric containers.

Which Gardening Gifts Are Best for Her for Christmas This Year?

All of the great choices listed above give you plenty of options to choose from while shopping for “her” Christmas gift online this year. Which ones do you like the best?

More importantly… which gifts do you think she’ll like the best or get the most use out of?

A couple of our favorites are the Snow Joe single-stage snow blower and the electric garden tiller from Sun Joe. You can’t go wrong with either one!

Depending on your “her”‘s interests, a grow tent, grow lights, or greenhouse kit are also excellent gift ideas.

What about you, what do you think? Did we help you find the best gardening gift for her for Christmas this year? We truly hope so!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to wishing a very merry Christmas for everyone this year!

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