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If you love gardening, you might have heard of subscription boxes that deliver curated plants, seeds, tools, and accessories to your doorstep every month.

But what are subscription boxes exactly and are they worth it for gardeners?

Read on below – explore the benefits and drawbacks of gardening subscription boxes and help you decide if they are right for you.

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a service that sends you a package of items related to a specific theme or interest on a regular basis. You can choose from different plans and preferences, and you can cancel or skip any time. Subscription boxes are popular for many hobbies and passions, such as beauty, fashion, books, crafts, food, and more.

What Are Gardening Subscription Boxes?

Gardening subscription boxes are subscription boxes that cater to gardeners of all levels and styles. They typically include a variety of items such as live plants, seeds, pots, soil, fertilizers, tools, gloves, books, magazines, and other gardening-related goodies. Some boxes focus on a specific type of gardening, such as indoor plants, succulents, herbs, or flowers. Others offer a mix of different items to suit different tastes and seasons.

Some of the Most Popular Gardening Subscription Boxes

So, now that you know what they are, let’s have a look at what comes with some of the most popular gardening subscription boxes on the market:

The Plant Club

The Plant Club subscription sends you a live plant, a decorative container, potting mix, and instructions every month. You can enjoy potting and caring for your plant, and get extra goodies like plant labels and stones.

British Seed Subscription

This subscription delivers British-grown wildflower seeds every month for you to sow in your garden. You can attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with these beautiful flowers. You also get fact cards and personal messages with your seeds.

Lazy Flora

The Lazy Flora subscription offers indoor or outdoor plants, or a combination of both, every month. You can choose pet-friendly options and pay upfront or monthly. The plants are low-maintenance and come with care guides.

Bloombox Club

The Bloombox Club subscription surprises you with a low-maintenance plant in a ceramic pot every month or quarter. You also get a care guide and free delivery with your plant.

Freddie’s Flowers

The Freddie’s Flowers subscription delivers fresh flowers to your home every week, with a guide to arranging them. You can opt-in and opt-out of deliveries online and get flower food with your bouquets.

These are just some of the garden box subscriptions available online. You can find more options on websites like Cratejoy or Not on the High Street. Garden box subscriptions are a great way to enjoy gardening and brighten up your home or outdoor space.

Are Gardening Subscription Boxes Worth It?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences and goals as a gardener. Not all gardening subscription boxes will fit your style/needs.

Here are some pros and cons of gardening subscription boxes to consider before signing up for one:


  • discover new plants and products that you might not find in your local nursery or store.
  • enjoy the surprise and excitement of opening a new box every month.
  • save time and money by having everything you need delivered to your door.
  • learn new skills and tips from the included guides and instructions.
  • support small businesses and local growers who produce the items in the box.


  • receive items that you already have or don’t need.
  • receive items that don’t suit your climate or growing conditions.
  • receive items that don’t match your personal style or taste.
  • have to deal with shipping delays or damages.
  • have to pay extra for shipping or taxes.

Here’s the Deal…

Gardening subscription boxes can be a fun and convenient way to enhance your gardening experience and expand your collection.

However, they are not for everyone and they have some drawbacks as well. Before you sign up for a gardening subscription box, make sure you do your research and compare different options.

Also, read the reviews and feedback from other customers to get an idea of what to expect. Ultimately, the best gardening subscription box is the one that meets your needs and makes you happy.

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