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Hanging LED grow lights for the first time is an exciting experience, whether for personal use or on a commercial scale.

The issue is making sure that you choose the best ones for you, your growing system, and the type of plants you grow.

In this guide, we discuss what hanging LED grow lights are, how to hang them, and the answers to several frequently asked questions. We also discuss some of the best products available online.

Read on! Discover which LED grow lights are right for hanging over your plants!

What Are Hanging LED Grow Lights?

Hanging LED grow lights are just what they sound like: LED lights used for growing things, that typically hang from the ceiling. Personal and commercial gardeners alike often utilize hanging grow lights for indoor growing operations because they are brighter and more energy-efficient than other types of grow lights.

How to Hang LED Grow Lights

Most hanging LED grow lights are rectangular in shape, though some are square and circular, and are suspended by chains or cables and may be raised or lowered at will.

Hanging them is simple, just follow these easy steps:

1. Measure and Mark the Spot

This step is crucial, everything hinges on you taking your time and being as accurate as possible.

Measure the distance from your grow beds/plants and the ceiling. How much space is needed for the lights to be properly hoisted and distanced from your plants?

Measure twice, mark once. That’s what the old-timers told us, and it is great advice. Save yourself the hassle of needing to take everything down and re-do it.

2. Drill Holes and Attach Hardware

Every product is slightly different, but they all function in a similar fashion. Once you’ve marked where to hang your lights, drill the holes or otherwise prepare the ceiling or wall for the necessary hardware.

Again, lights and their hardware vary, but the principle is the same: prepare the holes and hardware necessary for attaching and suspending the light(s).

The instruction manual that comes with your LED grow lights has the precise details for the installation process. Make sure you follow it to a “T”. Improper installation may cause the light to not work properly, it could damage your plants (or growing system), and most likely voids the warranty as well.

3. Setup the Harness (or Rope and Ratchet)

When you reach this step, the hard part is over and you’re almost done. Now all you need to do is snap together a few quick connectors and set a few hooks.

This process will vary, from model to model, but, again, is rather similar regardless. You may need a screwdriver or a drill, depending on the specific harness or ratcheting system you’re installing.

4. Hang the Light Up

Many LED grow light models simply attach to their mounting hardware via small chains or cords with hooks, while others feature more heavy-duty or sophisticated rope and ratchet-type designs. Either way, the actual hanging of the light is the quickest and easiest part of the job.

Simply attach the hooks, chain, or whatever mechanisms your light and its mount utilize, and wa-lah, your lights and hanging. Now they’re ready to be plugged in and powered on.

Best 2 Hanging LED Grow Lights for Beginners

Now that you know what a hanging LED grow light is, and how to install one, let’s have a look at some of the best units currently available to buy online.

Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

A rectangular LED hanging grow light, from Giixer, sitting on it's side producing white, pink, red, blue, orange, and purple light.

The 1000W LED Grow Light from Giixer is as powerful a solution as it is an affordable one. This unit features 100 bright 10w LED lights of various colors. It also comes with a lightweight harness for hanging it.

The light is upgraded with the latest tech, including a veg switch and bloom switch for toggling from one light mode to another.

Further, these units last up to 50,000 hours (as much as 50-percent longer than lights from some brands). The light includes a 30-day return policy as well as a 24-month guarantee of quality.


  • 100 individual 10w LED lights
  • Full Spectrum
  • Dual Chip
  • Comes with extras like a temperature guage and hanging kit
  • Produced by a well-known manufacturer
  • Return policy and quality guarantee


  1. State-of-the-art technology
  2. High-quality parts and components
  3. Fair price
  4. Well-known manufacturer
  5. Return policy and quality guarantee


  1. Not powerful enough for medium to large growing operations (without buying multiple units)

Spider Farmer® SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob

Spider Farmer LED grow lights hanging with a crisp white background.

The SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob is another great hanging LED light to consider for both personal and commercial growing systems. It’s high-end, American-made, and ships out from California but does cost a bit more than the Giixer and others.

However, it is crucial to point out that US customers may receive free shipping on their orders from Spider Farmer, and the light is much higher quality.

The light features authentic Samsung diodes and produces a full spectrum range of light far superior to many of the LED grow lights we’ve seen. It also comes with everything needed to hang it (a stainless steel hook and adjustable rope hanger).

These lights are known to draw as much as 50-percent less power than competitor products while providing enough light for 50-percent larger harvests. If that isn’t impressive enough, try this one for size: Spider Famer includes 5-year’s worth of after-service.


  • 2000w
  • Lowering handle
  • Switch and dimmer knob
  • Real Samsung diodes
  • Powerful full spectrum light frequencies


  1. High-quality parts and components
  2. More powerful full spectrum than other lights
  3. Easy to set up and use
  4. American-made
  5. Free Shipping (inside the USA)
  6. Excellent customer service and after-service (for 5 years)


  1. Costs slightly more than similar products (but well worth the price)

FAQs About Hanging LED Grow Lights

How High Do You Hang Grow Lights?

How high you hang your grow lights depends on the species you are growing as well as the type of growing system/environment you utilize. Many plants benefit from lights that hang 24 inches to 48 inches away from them, while others prefer an even greater distance. Installing an adjustable harness or rope and ratchet system is suggested, so that you may move the lights up and down as needed.

Should I Leave My Grow Lights On All the Time?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t leave your grow lights on all the time. Having the lights run constantly doesn’t allow them any time to cool down. Lights that run overly hot are prone to damage. Additionally, most plants don’t appreciate light 24/7. Unless you’re growing seedlings or some other light-specific task that requires extra light for a prolonged period of time, leaving your grow lights on during the day and night is not recommended.

Can I Hang LED Grow Lights Vertically?

Yes. Hanging LED grow lights vertically is a common practice indoors. Vertically mounted, grow lights free up lots of space that is otherwise occupied by the horizontally hanging lights. When lights are mounted sideways, you’re able to reach the plants with fewer obstructions in your way. That said, some plants benefit more from having a light source that is directly overhead.

A Final Word About Hanging LED Grow Lights

Hanging grow lights are necessary for most indoor growing systems, including hydroponics and aquaponics in addition to soil-based operations.

Choosing the right LED grow lights to hang over your plants doesn’t need to be harder than it already is (you’re not climbing Mt. Everest, you’re picking growing equipment!), that’s why choosing something that’s tried and true is crucial.

The BLANK is our pick for the all-around best hanging LED grow lights for personal growers, with the BLANK as a close runner-up.

For commercial growers, on the other hand, we feel the BLANK is the best option, quality, money, and guarantee-wise.

Which type of LED grow lights do you have hanging over your plants? Is it one of the lights recommended here, or another product altogether? Let us know in the comments section below!

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