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Bell pepper plants, or capsicum annum plants, are one of the most popular vegetables in gardens and many dishes around the world.

Bell peppers are known for their vibrant colors and sweet flavor.

In this quick answer post, we take a look at how hard it is to grow bell pepper plants.

Read on below for a quick answer to this common gardening question!

How Hard Are Bell Peppers to Grow?

Bell pepper plants can generally be considered easy to grow, as they are hardy plants that are relatively low maintenance.

They do require adequate sun exposure and fertility of the soil, but otherwise, they tend to survive well in many different environments.

Additionally, bell peppers enjoy a lot of water, and are fairly resistant to diseases and pests, which makes them less prone to injury or damage.

Overall, bell peppers are not very challenging for a person with some general gardening knowledge to grow successfully in their garden.

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