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Chili peppers, or capsicum annum, are a variety of pepper commonly used to add flavor and spice to a wide range of dishes.

Below, we’ll take a look at how hard it can be to grow chili peppers plants.

Read on and discover the quick answer to this common gardening question!

Garden Question: How Hard Are Chili Pepper Plants to Grow?

Overall, chili pepper plants are not particularly hard to grow (regardless of gardening experience).

The bottom line is that with an adequate amount of sun exposure, soil fertility, and proper watering techniques, chili peppers can generally be grown with relative ease.

Additionally, many types of pepper plants, including chilis tend to be resistant to many more diseases and pests than other garden variety veggies.

Consequently, chili peppers can typically be grown by gardeners of all skill levels with success in both home and commercial agricultural settings.

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