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Knowing how long flowers take to grow from bulbs is crucial if you are into planning seasonal flower beds or potted flowers planted from bulbs.

Many of the most popular types of flowers for homes and gardens (like tulips, and roses), bulbous flower species are more often planted outdoors, in lawns, flowerbeds, windowboxes, pots, and more.

Flowers that grow from bulbs may also be indoor houseplants.

But, how long do the average flowers take to bloom from bulbs?

A bee hovering over a bulbous violet flower
A bee floating over some blooming bulbous flowers

Today’s common gardening question: how long do flowers take to grow from bulbs?

The answer: depending on the size and species of flower bulb that you are planting, the average flower takes between 12 and 36 years to bloom. Flower species that grow from smaller bulbs, typically bloom within 12 to 24 months. Larger bulbs produce their first flowers between 30 to 56 months. The weather, growing medium, temperatures, watering schedule, and amount of care the flowers receive also affects the overall time they take to grow and bloom.

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