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Today’s Common Gardening Question: How much water do carrots need?

The Answer: Carrots need approximately 1 inch worth of water each week. If the soil is too well-draining, carrots may require an additional 1 or 2 inches of water.

With carrots, the a primary goal is to keep the soil evenly moist, constantly. Try not to miss any waterings as otherwise your carrots won’t develop as large and tasty as they should.

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How to Water Carrots (And Tips)

  1. Apply water to the tops of the carrots via a hose, sprayer, watering can, drip line, or sprinkler system
  2. Provide enough water to penetrate the ground fully, allow it to soak in, and repeat
  3. If you miss a watering session, give extra water the next time you water

Tips and Tricks

  • Make a routine of watering your carrots in the morning, or evenin, as you prefer
  • Keep an eye on the color of the soil around your carrots, it should stay dark and damp
  • Apply extra water earlier than scheduled if the soil dries out quicker than expected

How Much Water do You Give Carrots?

Watering carrots properly, and consistently, is really the primary key to successfully growing happy, healthy, and thriving, carrots. These root veggies need a lot of moisture to fully develop and mature. Giving these roots just enough water to get by is a shame, because you end up with vegetables the size of your pinky, instead of the size of a mature banana.

Do you know a secret to watering carrots, or believe they need a different amount of moisture than suggested here? If so, we’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below! Thanks for reading! Hopefully the answers in this article help you!

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