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Today’s Common Gardening Question: How much water do mushrooms need?

The Answer: Mushrooms need a bit of water up to 5 times per day, as they consist of as much as 90-percent water.

The best way to water mushrooms is with a spray bottle or mister. Water your mushrooms in the morning, afternoon, mid-day, evening, and at night if possible.

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How to Water Mushrooms (and Tips)

  1. Fill a spray bottle, mister, or container of purified water
  2. Using a spray bottle, or mister, apply water to the bag or container with mushrooms growing in it
  3. Alternatively, you may drip or sprinkle liquid onto the bag your mushrooms are growing in
  4. Also, keep in mind that the substrate your mushrooms are growing in should stay damp (not wet, not dry)

Tips and Tricks for Watering Mushrooms

  • Make sure that you’re watering your mushrooms consistently
  • Watering two times per day may not be enough, we suggest 4 to 5 mini watering sessions per day
  • Check and clear all of the pores to your mushroom kit (the holes in the bag or tote) before watering
  • Keep your mushrooms in the correct environment so that they stay properly moisturized

How Much Water Do You Give Your Mushrooms?

There are countless tasty mushroom species that you can grow at home, and watering them is one of the most important steps to a successful crop.

Hopefully our post helps you understand more about how much water your shrooms need! If you still have questions, drop them below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Just remember: depending on the temperature, environment, and species of mushroom, remember that you may need to spray, mist, or sprinkle your mushrooms up to five times per day.

What sort of mushrooms do you grow (or plan on growing), and how much H20 do you give them? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

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