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Today’s Common Gardening Question: How much water do roses need?

The Answer: Roses need about 2 inches of water per week in temperate climate conditions. The amount of water may differentiate if soil is dry or sandy and/or the weather is warmer. In this case, it is necessary to water your roses more often, twice per week should be enough (2 inches each time).

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How to Water Roses (and Tips)

  1. You may use drip irrigation systems, a hose and sprayer, or water roses by hand with a watering can
  2. Apply about 2 inches of water at a time (this could be as much as a couple gallons of water, or more)
  3. Soak the ground surrounding the base of the roses and wait for the water to absorb into the ground (then add more)
  4. If the soil is sandy, or in need or nutrients, water more often (and consider adding plant food into the water)

Tips and Tricks for Watering Roses

  • Be careful to not water the foliage, as it may cause fungus, rot, or attract pests
  • Check how deep the root system is, you want to make sure the water reaches the entire system of roots
  • Try to avoid watering daily with small amounts of water (no matter how strong the urge is)
  • During the summer season, roses may require watering two to three times per week

How Much Water do You Give Your Roses?

Growing roses is a thing of beauty, they are often the pride and joy of gardens and lawns. Watering them correctly ensures their beauty continues year after year.

How much water do you give your roses? And, how do you apply it? We’d love for you to share with the audience, and leave a comment in the section below!

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