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Today’s Common Gardening Question: How much water do sweet potatoes need?

The Answer: Sweet potatoes need approximately 1 inch of water every week. It is also important to keep their soil evenly moist until the plants are well established.

Once your sweet potatoes plants are growing, the soil can be let to dry out in between watering. But, when you water them, their soil needs thoroughly saturated.

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How to Water Sweet Potatoes (and Tips)

  1. Apply 1/2 inch of water to your sweet potatoes, twice per week, or 1 inch, once per week
  2. Pour the water slowly and evenly from a can, or direct it from a hose, or sprayer, to the root zone of the plant
  3. Continue applying water until the soil is saturated with moisture up to several inches deep

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid splashing the leaves, especially if you use plant food or liquid nutrients
  • Test the soil moisture with a meter or your fingers and add water it only once it has dries out completely
  • Increase the amount of H20 you give your sweet potatoes by an additional inch per week several weeks after the plants sprouts
  • Apply slow-release fertilizer early on if possible

How Much Water do You Give Your Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are one of the most beloved veggies around the holidays, and for some of us all year-round. Growing them is a reward of it’s own, especially when they’re diced up and covered in marshmallow goo.

Growing them is a bit less enjoyable, but is indeed well worth the time and effort. That said, we’re curious how much water you give your sweet potatoes?

We also want to know whether or not you let your soil dry out entirely, or only slightly, before applying more moisture to it. Let us know in the comments section below!

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