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Today’s Common Gardening Question: How much water does capsicum need?

The Answer: Capsicum, better known as bell peppers, require between 1 and 2 inches of water when there is no rain during the week. When there is rain, little to no water is required.

During the hottest parts of the growing season, it is recommended to water your peppers twice, giving them “drinks” of water rather than soaking their roots deeply and thoroughly.

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How To Water Capsicum

When watering capsicums/chilies, make sure the soil is moist but not soggy. Use a watering can to reduce the amount of water sprayed into your pepper seedlings.

Once established, water deeply up to every second day in hot weather. As the crops mature, apply mulch.

Tips and Tricks

Pepper crops should then be watered once or twice a week and allowed to drain completely. But, depending on the weather, wind, and the size of the plant and its growing container, this regularity might vary greatly.

Throughout a heat wave, your potted peppers might have to be watered every day!

Mulching your garden is one of the most effective strategies to reduce the amount of water you need to use. This is primarily beneficial to in-ground plants, although it can also assist peppers in containers.

When it rains, the mulch allows the water to reach the soil while also protecting it from evaporation and heat.

How Much Water Do You Give Your Capsicum Plants?

For every rule in gardening there is an exception, because that is how nature works (there is no one way to do anything).

Further, even though we’ve shared with you the “facts” about how much water capsicum needs, we’re curious to know how much water you personally give your capsicum plants and how it works out for you.

Even more, our audience would greatly benefit from being able to read about your experience (in the comments section, below!).

Thanks for reading, good luck with your garden!

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