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Hydroponics is an “advanced” gardening technique that doesn’t require soil. In hydroponics, you grow plants in netted pots, with their roots in direct contact with water, nutrients, and oxygen.

If you’re just getting started with hydroponic gardening, the right netted pots are one of the first items you need to get your hands on.

How do I choose the best netted pots for my hydroponic garden? You must consider several important factors before choosing the right netted pots for your hydroponic plants including the size, whether they have lids or not, how many holes/type of net the pots feature, what types of materials they are made of, and the size of their lip, if they have one, are among the most important aspects to factor in while choosing the right netted pots for your hydroponics.

Read on below and learn everything you need to know about netted potts before choosing the best one for you and your hydroponic gardening needs!

How to Choose the Right Netted Pots for Hydroponics? 

Netted pots are generally round or square webbed containers. They have holes in the sides and bottoms that allow water and nutrients to flow freely in the hydroponics systems.

Here is a list of things to consider for picking the right netted pots:

1. What Shape Netted Pots Do I Need?

Either round or square potts are equally useful, but there are some differences between them. Square pots will allow a larger number of seeds to be planted and the removal of the plant is generally easier.

On the other hand, you can fit more pots in your hydroponic system if you choose round potts. But with this kind of pott, the roots sometimes wrap around it and become tangled. 

You must also be aware of your system’s layout. Some units are designed specifically for one or the other (square or circle net pots).

2. What Size Netted Pots Do I Need?

The size of the pots depends on the kind of plants you’ll be planting. They come in a range that goes from 2 to 5 inches in diameter, generally, though smaller (and larger) pots are available.

The smallest ones are recommended for lightweight flowers and vegetables that will not tip the system over if unbalanced.

3. Do My Netted Pots Need Lids?

Some netted pots come with lids. There are two main functionalities for the lids in this kind of pot. The first one is that the lid protects the root from excessive sun exposure and the second is it reduces water evaporation.

Whether or not you think you need lids is absolutely up to you. Most hydroponic growers we know don’t use them. But, those who do use them tend to swear by them.

4. Do My Netted Pots Need Lips?

Netted pots come with a lip around that you’ll use to fit it in your hydroponic growing system. If your pots have little to no lip, they are more likely to slip out of their place.

For that reason, most gardeners prefer netted pots with a more oversized lip.

Be sure to give your hydroponic equipment a good look-over before you purchase net pots though, because it may not have enough room for pots with lids.

Netted pots with lids are typically used in DWC hydroponic systems for growing bigger heavier hydroponic plants, like tomatoes, peppers, and watermelons.

5. Should My Netted Pots Be Reusable?

Most netted pots can be reused after proper cleaning. Some gardeners boil them for proper sterilization in-between uses. Depending on the quality of the pot it can be used for many years. 

If you plan to reuse your netted pots, you need to order heavy-duty ones. The flimsy net pots won’t hold up to a boiling session, or prolonged exposure to the direct sun.

Best Netted Pots For Hydroponics

The best netted pots for hydroponics depend on several factors, most of which are mentioned in the list above.

Additional considerations include:

  • What type of plants you’re growing/plant to grow
  • How deep your reservoir is/should be
  • The amount of money you’re willing to spend
  • Whether the pots are environmentally friendly (optional)

Once you’ve answered all of the hard questions, you’ll know which pots are best for you.

Pro tip: 2-inch and 3-inch net pots are the most popular netted hydroponic cups on the market because they fit so well to a wide variety of crops. Greens, veggies, root vegetables, and even some medium-sized crops grow well in 2 to 3-inch netted pots.

2-inch and 3-inch Combo Pack of Heavy Duty Net Pots

This combination pack includes 20 2-inch and 20 3-inch heavy-duty slotted-sides-style net pots for hydroponic gardening. The 2-inch pots are perfect for most small leafy greens and the 3-inch work well for slightly larger (medium-sized) plants and small root veggies.

4-Inch Net Pots, 12-Pack from VIVSON

For those with a small to medium-sized hydroponic growing system, who are growing medium-sized plants (like peppers and tomatoes), or plan to, these 4-inch net pots from VIVSON are extremely ideal for housing/supporting the larger root systems of your plants.

5-inch Netted Pots from Hydrofarm, 50-pack

If you’re planning to grow nothing but medium to large plants in your hydroponic system, 5-inch netted pots are your best bet. These big netted pots are large enough for the biggest plants you could want to grow in your hydroponics garden and are made by one of the best names in the industry (Hydrofarm).

5-Inch Netted Pots with Large Lips

These 5-inch net pots with lips are ideal for certain types of hydroponic setups that rely on the pots to hold themselves in place. Make sure to check whether your system needs standard pots or pots with lips before ordering!

1.75-Inch Netted Pots, 50-Pack

If your hydroponic garden is designed for growing fresh herbs, lettuce, and other plants that don’t have particularly large root space requirements, 1.75-inch netted pots are often the choice that makes the most sense.

Related Questions

1. What are netted pots used for in hydroponics?

Netted pots are used in hydroponic systems to anchor the plants. A growing medium is usually used but they can be used without it. They can be fully or semi-submerged in the water so the roots connect with the water and nutrients. 

2. What can I put in my hydroponic net pots?

Netted potts can be filled with any growing medium for hydroponic systems, which include clay pebbles, clean gravel, Rockwool, or grow sponges

3. What can I use for hydroponics instead of netted pots?

Although netted pots are recommended, there are other everyday elements you can use that will work just fine, such as plastic bottles, cups either foam or plastic, or gardening containers.

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