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Learning how to grow cabbage on your own is a must-do for those who enjoy fresh cabbage, now more than ever.

With inflation seemingly never-ending, prices at the local market subject to constant rise, and GMO seeds replacing old species, growing your own organic cabbage makes sense.

Read on below and discover everything you need to know about gardening this leafy veggie!

About Growing Cabbage

A garden, perfect for learning how to grow cabbage, with rows of onions, cabbage, and carrots.

Cabbage has been cultivated by numerous cultures around the world, for as much as 6,000 years or longer. The vegetable was grown by everyone from the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians to Asians and Europeans.

Fun fact: Cabbage was brought to the Americas by Jacques Cartier on his third journey to Canada sometime during the years 1541 and 1542. The plant was spread by early colonists as well, the first records of it dating back to the late 1660s.

Today, China is the world’s largest producer of cabbage, growing nearly half of the entire global supply. India is the second next largest producer of cabbage in the world, and they produce approximately one-fourth the amount China does.

Learning how to grow cabbage has never been easier than now, thanks to the internet and gardeners sharing their expertise in blogs, eBooks, and more.

Below, we lay out everything you need to know to start growing cabbage:

Quick Cabbage Growing Information

How much light is needed:6 to 8 hours or more
How much water is needed:1 to 2 inch per week
Is it best to start with seeds or plants:Seeds only
The best month to plant:Late Feb, Mar, Apr, to early May
Preferred climate/temperature:55°F to 70°F
Is indoor or outdoor growing better:Outdoor
Do indoor plants need to be pollinated:Varies depending on species
Level of difficulty to grow:Easy to medium
Plant height:10 to 15 inches
Plant width:16 to 24 inches
Time from planting to harvest:70 to 140+ days

Tips for Learning How to Grow Cabbage

Several rows of green cabbage heads almost ready for harvesting, growing in rich dark soil.

1. Prep the Soil with Nitrogen

One of the most helpful tips, period, when it comes to growing this leafy green veggie, is adding nitrogen to the soil before planting. Alternatively, you may opt to use a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer once the plants are growing.

Cabbages absolutely adore nitrogen and burn through it much faster than other crops, which is why prepping the soil with nitrogen is our number one tip for growing great cabbage.

2. Water More Heavily than Other Plants

In addition to feeding your cabbage with extra nitrogen, you’ll also want to provide them with a bit more water than most of your plants.

Approximately 92-percent of cabbage consists of water… a whole lot more than most plants, for sure. So, don’t be stingy with the H2O.

3. Avoid Planting them Near Similar Species

Because cabbage is so needy, when it comes to nitrogen and water specifically, it doesn’t pay to plant them with other plants that are similar. Otherwise, both species will compete for what they need from the soil.

Further, the more plants of the same species/family that you plant in any one area, the higher the risk of attracting unwanted pests and even disease is.

Cabbage Growing FAQs

What Kind of Soil is Good for Cabbage?

Cabbage requires rich and fertile soil that is also well-draining. Organic soil, Organic compost, and/or mulch mixed with a bit of potting soil work like a charm.

What is the Best pH for Cabbage Plants?

The optimal pH level for your cabbage plants is roughly 6.5 to just under 6.8. A higher pH level would open the door to possible diseases and growth disorders.

How Many Months does Cabbage Take to Grow?

Cabbage typically takes between just over 2 months to slightly more than 3 or 4 months, depending on the species. Make sure you know what strain you are planting, or you won’t be able to gauge when it should be ready.

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