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Spider plants are among the most popular house plants in the world for several excellent reasons; they are easy to grow, quick to propagate, thrive in almost any type of environment and light level, and take minimal effort to upkeep.

But, what up pulling them up for, for propagation or thinning purposes?

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Understanding the proper technique for digging up spider plants, whether to separate the bulbs and replant them or simply to prevent your plants from becoming root-bound in their containers, is crucial.

How do I pull up spider plants from the ground (or from the soil in containers), without damaging them? The large tubular roots of the spider plant work their way down into the ground as deeply as possible, so directly pulling up on them should be avoided. First, work the area around the plant with a shovel or gardening tool of your choice. Then when you pull up, the roots come free and rather than breaking.

Pulling spider plants up from the ground isn’t suggested without first softening the soil. Spider plants growing in containers, on the other hand, may be gently tugged upward and out of the soil with no issues.

Commonly Asked Questions About Pulling Up Spider Plants

Do Spider Plants Grow Back Just From Roots?

Spider plants grow back from their roots, but they may also be grown from seeds. The species does not grow from leaf cuttings, however. That’s why it is crucial to learn how to pull up spider plants from the ground!

How Do You Start a Spider Plant?

Spider plants may be started from divided roots or from seeds. They may not be started with leaf cutting as many house plants can be.

Is Digging Up Spider Plants Hard?

Digging up spider plants is quite an easy task. All you have to do is loosen the soil around the plant with your garden shovel before gently but firmly tugging upward on the plant’s central stalk.

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