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If you like to grow your own vegetables, I bet you have several tomato plants in your home garden every year.

When you have more tomatoes than you can consume or store, it’s time to consider getting an extra income out of your leftover tomato harvest. 

How can I make money with tomatoes from my garden? Tomatoes are the main ingredient in all sorts of different recipes. If you have a big harvest every season, you can sell your tomatoes fresh or in any other form in which they are usually consumed.

Read on below to explore the different ways you can sell the tomatoes from your garden!

7 Things To Do With Tomatoes From Your Garden

If you’re looking for ways of getting an extra income with the vegetables from your garden or if you’ve had a big harvest and you do not want them to go to waste, here is a list of different ways to sell your tomatoes. 

1. Selling Fresh Tomatoes

There are many places where you can sell your harvest of tomatoes, it could be at a local farmer’s market or you can offer them to local chefs. Restaurants love the possibility of purchasing fresh vegetables to prepare their dishes. 

2. Sell Tomatoes Seedlings

One effective way of making money with your tomato plants is to sell seedlings. You can use seeds from your plants to start new plants. Once they’ve grown enough for transplanting you can sell them 

3. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is very easy to prepare and an easy way to sell tomatoes. This homemade type of tomato juice is used in lots of recipes including the delicious tomato soup everyone loves. 

4. Saving and Selling Tomato Seeds

There are different techniques you can use to save your tomato seeds for the next season and it’s also an excellent way to make an extra income from your tomato plants. Saving and selling the seeds from your healthier plants will charm anyone looking to start their own plants.

5. Sell Tomato Sauce

Making tomato sauce with fresh roasted tomatoes out of your garden is one of the best ways to preserve them. However, if you’ve done more that you’ll be able to consume, you can sell cans of tomato sauce. Everyone will love this more natural option compared to the one you can get in the store.

6. Diced Tomatoes Can

If you want to make an extra income with your harvest of tomatoes but you do not want to make sauce, you can just dice and can them. It is a very simple process and also a good way to preserve them. Everyone loves natural products, so if you are looking for different ways of making an extra income, selling cans of diced tomatoes is the way to go. 

7. Tomato Jam

If you like to cook and you’re trying new recipes using the tomatoes from your garden, you should definitely try and make tomato jam. If you make a little extra you can sell jars of this delicious dressing.

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