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Believe it or not, a wide variety of plants can and do grow well in the generally cold and snowy February gardens.

From spring and summer flowers, and vegetables, to shrubs, herbs, and even fruit, our list of the best things to plant and grow in February gardens, and otherwise care for this month, may indeed surprise you.

Read on below and discover the best garden variety fruits, herbs, veggies, and flowers to grow this month!

Best Fruits

A bunch of strawberry plants growing on raised bed gardens in February.
Late winter/early spring strawberries.

Granted, being on the tail end of winter, and often one of the coldest months of the winter at that, fruit is not exactly the sort of thing that comes to mind to plant and grow in February gardens.

That said, for those who want to get spring and summer fruits in the ground, mid to late February is an excellent time to start various types of fruit.

The best fruits to plant in February include:

1. Raspberries and Blackberries

2. Strawberries

3. Cantaloupe

4. Watermelons

5. Pumpkins

Fruit is one of the most limited types of plants that you have to choose from (for planting) in the month of February.

However, if you are growing in a greenhouse or indoor garden, the list is much broader.

But, most of us must stick to strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries if we want to get started with growing fruit this early on in the year.

Best Flowers

A red out poker flower that is blooming in an spring garden.
Early spring lily.

When it comes to getting busy in the yard and garden in early spring, most gardeners use the time to plant flowers, and prep landscaping/flower beds for the coming months.

The month of February is a great time for sewing flower seeds, setting blooming perennials, and planting flower bulbs.

The best flowers for planting in February include:

6. Azalea

7. Agapanthus

8. Begonias

9. Dahlias

10. Dusty Miller

11. Geraniums

12. Gardenia

13. Galanthus

14. Gladiolus

15. Gloriosa

16. Inpatients

17. Lily

18. Pansy

19. Snapdragons

20. Sweetpea

21. Violas

The majority of the above-listed flowers are right high amongst the best things to plant and grow in February gardens.

This cold month is especially good for planting and growing flower bulbs and perennials.

Some of the more delicate flowers, started from seed, may do better indoors during February.

You can acclimate them to the outside when they are ready.

Best Herbs

An early Februar herb garden make of various old pots and several types of herb plants.
Basil, parsley, and lavender.

Herbs are one of our favorite things to plant and grow in February gardens, hands down.

Whether planted with seeds or starter plants, many herbs tend to thrive during this first growing season of the year (early spring).

The best herbs for planting in February include:

22. Basil

23. Osmanthus fragrans

24. Parsely

25. Thyme

26. Sage

One of the top things to plant and grow in February gardens are herbs, which are best done in greenhouses, hothouses, and covered pots.

Once seedlings develop two sets of full leaves, they can be moved into the soil.

That said, depending on where you live, including the climate zone, weather patterns, and your garden’s location, many herbs seeds can be sewn directly into the ground as well.

Best Vegetables

A raised bed growing kale in the month of february.
Swiss chard growing in raised beds(late winter/early spring).

Even though it can still be bitter cold, there are several vegetables that do well during February.

Further, if you live in a colder-than-average area, you can, at the very least, take advantage of this frosty month to get your seedlings and bulbs ready for the later spring months (March, April, and May), rather than do any actual planting.

The best vegetables to plant in February include:

27. Broccoli

28. Brussel Sprouts

29. Cauliflower

30. Celery

31. Eggplant

32. Lettuce

33. Peppers

34. Raddish

35. Swiss Chard

36. Tomatoes

Your climate zone, as well as the current weather patterns of the year, and more, factor into what fruits you may have the most success with during the month of February.

If it typically stops snowing by March or April where you live, onions (37) and spinach (38) may also be good for planting in your early spring garden.

At any rate, there are more vegetable options for planting and growing in February than any other type of plant.

What Do You Plant and Grow in Your February Garden?

As promised, our items listed above show that there are loads of things to plant and grow in February gardens.

Hopefully, our list of the best plants for February gardens helps you come up with some good plans for your spring garden.

If you think planting in February is out of the question for you, fear not; it is also an excellent time of the year for working on other projects such as garden beds, landscaping, greenhouses, bird feeders, rose pruning, and general garden planning.

What sort of plants, or yard and garden work in general, do you do in February? We would love to hear about it/see it in the comments section below!

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Thanks for reading – good luck with planting and growing things this February!

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