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You want to start gardening in a greenhouse, but, do you understand what you need for greenhouse gardening?

If not, you’re going to want to skim over our quick guide (below) to greenhouse gardening basics and accessories (and take a few notes)!

Greenhouse Gardening Basics

There are several basic components that you need for greenhouse gardening.

If you want to grow stuff in a greenhouse successfully, you must first gather up several basics before getting started.

Below, we discuss each of these main components that are necessary for greenhouse gardening:

Space for the Greenhouse

Whether you are considering setting up a greenhouse in the tiny fenced-in backyard of your townhouse or apartment or placing it in a larger yard, you must have enough space for the greenhouse.

The amount of space required is determined by the size of the greenhouse you want to build/put up.

Just keep in mind that what you plan on growing in the greenhouse, or otherwise using it for, helps determine the proper size needed to do so successfully.

The Greenhouse Itself

The greenhouse itself is, of course, the main component of greenhouse gardening. Without a greenhouse, there’ll be no greenhouse gardening going on.

The size, type, and whether it is a DIY greenhouse or a greenhouse kit, make a big difference in the additional basics and accessories needed for fruitful greenhouse gardening.

A Water Source

Your greenhouse needs a water source, as much as it needs plenty of sunlight. If you don’t have a nearby water source, you can install an irrigation system or simply stretch a garden hose to the greenhouse.

A greenhouse without a nearby water source is as useful as a greenhouse that is in the shade all day long.

Seeds (or Starter Plants)

The plants that you want to grow in your new greenhouse won’t grow themselves, you’ll need seeds or start plants to get things going.

If you are already an avid gardener, you may consider cloning starter plants vs buying seeds or starters from local markets or online.

Those who opt for starting plants from seeds, consider investing in seed starting trays or mastering a technique like starting seeds from sponges.

Containers (or Prepared Beds)

Most greenhouse gardeners start their seeds in trays or containers, while others sew seeds directly into prepared beds (the ground itself, in many cases).

If you want to keep things nice and neat, we suggest starting seeds in your greenhouse with containers filled with compost and organic material.

Containers range in size from 1.5-inches wide up to 24-inches or more, with 1.75-inch to 3-inch pots being the most commonly preferred.

Greenhouse Gardening Accessories

Beyond the basics, there are several accessories that are essential for successful and lucrative greenhouse gardening.

Before you can start really using your greenhouse for gardening, you’ll need at least a few of these essential accessories.

So, let’s have a look at the most significant greenhouse gardening accessories, below:


Greenhouse gardening requires tables if you plan on potting your own plants, including transferring seedlings from trays to pots.

Further, even if you don’t plan on using it as a potting bench, a table is helpful to store hand tools and other gardening supplies like compost, mulch, and fertilizer.


If you plan on using seed trays and/or lots of containers, you’ll need shelves inside your greenhouse to make the most of your space.

The larger the greenhouse, the more shelves you can fit.

That said, some miniature greenhouses are merely shelving units inside a small see-through green-tinted plastic covering.

Fans and Exhaust Systems

The larger and more sophisticated your greenhouse is, you may need to consider installing fans and exhaust systems in order to help lower the temperature and reduce humidity levels as needed.

The good thing is that most greenhouses that aren’t used for commercial greenhouse gardening operations don’t require such advanced components.

Watering Equipment

All greenhouses rely on some sort of water source, and the water sources need a delivery system.

Whether you use a simple garden hose, or a more advanced irrigation system (like timed drip lines or automatic sprinkle systems), depends on the size of your greenhouse and the amount of water your plants need, and more.

Seedling Trays

If you opt to start your own seeds for greenhouse gardening, one of the most effective ways is planting a bunch at one time in seedling trays.

Inside a greenhouse, the “greenhouse” top trays aren’t necessary, you may opt for simple trays without lids if the humidity in your greenhouse is high enough.

Soil Mixes

Greenhouse gardening, like any sort of gardening aside from various forms of advanced gardening like hydroponic systems, requires healthy and nutritious soil.

Ordering soil mixes can become rather expensive if you plan on growing a large number of plants, so it’s a better plan to build your own compost bin and develop your own soil and compost.

Pest Control

Depending on the design of your greenhouse, how well you maintain it, and its location, in addition to the local climate and other factors, pest control products may or may not be a necessary accessory.

Even more, you may also opt to learn all of the best organic pest control methods.

Otherwise, you may spend money on harsh pesticides that may harm plants as well as bugs, weeds, and other pests.


Last but not least, your greenhouse may or may not come with floor or sub-flooring panels. If your greenhouse is a kit, it is likely to lack a floor.

That’s why DIY greenhouses are most often constructed with old wooden pallets and OSB for floors.

If you want a sturdy floor in your greenhouse, at any rate, whether it’s from a kit or a DIY build, consider investing in panels like the ones shown in the image above (they keep things nice and tidy, as well as reduce pest’s access to the inside of your greenhouse).

What Do YOU Need For Greenhouse Gardening?

So, now that you’ve read all about the primary greenhouse gardening essentials, you can now determine what you do or don’t need for greenhouse gardening yourself.

If you’re already an active greenhouse gardener or have recently gotten started, we’d love to hear your opinion of our list!

Did we cover all of the essential things that people need for greenhouse gardening? If not, let us know what we should add to our list!

As always, thanks for reading, and good luck with getting your new greenhouse going and growing!

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