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If you’ve been into gardening for any amount of time, you’ll surely have heard the phrase “inch of water” used many times.

In fact, you probably already know that garden plants generally require at least an inches’ worth of water per week.

But, do you really understand what those inches of water, in reference to gardening, actually means?

An Inch of Water: What is It?

For every meter of garden space, you need approximately 7 gallons of water to produce 1 inch of water. You can apply this basic formula to the size of your garden and come up with a rough estimate as to how much water you need to reach 1 of water in your garden.

How to Measure an Inche’s Worth of Water in Your Garden

The old-fashioned way to measure moisture levels in the gardeen, or potted planted indoors for that matter, is simply sticking your finger an inch deep into the soil. If your finger comes back dry and dusty, the soil is in need of water immediately.

On the other hand, if your finger comes back with dark sticky pieces of soil stuck to it, the soil is still moist.

Further, you may use an in-ground meter (something like a weather thermometer, but for the moisture level of the garden). Otherwise, you can mark an inch on a piece of steel rebar (or a stick) and probe the ground with it to check on the water level.

Apply Water to Your Garden Weekly

Don’t forget to water your garden properly, and regularly, if you want the biggest veggies, most beautiful flowers, robust herbs, and tastiest fruits.

On average, most gardens require a good inch or inch and a half of water weekly.

If you have any quesitons about how to reach an inch of water in your garden, leave us a comment below! We’ll do our best to answer you promptly.


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