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Heirloom tomatoes are a popular choice for gardeners due to their unique flavors and colors.

However, like any other plant, they are also susceptible to pests.

In this blog post, we will discuss what pests are attracted to heirloom tomatoes and how to prevent them from damaging your harvest.

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Today’s Question: What pests are attracted to heirloom tomatoes?

A row of healthy green heirloom tomatoes - but, what pests are attracted to heirloom tomatoes? That is the quesiton answered below this image.

The Answer: Heirloom tomatoes can be attacked by several pests, including aphids, flea beetles, hornworms, cutworms, whiteflies, and tomato fruit worms. These pests can cause damage to the plant leaves, stems, and fruits, leading to a reduced harvest or even plant death.


How can I prevent pests from attacking my heirloom tomatoes?

You can prevent pests by using natural repellents like neem oil, garlic spray, or insecticidal soap, planting companion plants like marigolds and basil, and practicing good garden hygiene by removing plant debris and weeds.

How do I know if my heirloom tomatoes have been attacked by pests?

Look out for signs like holes in the leaves or fruits, wilting or yellowing of the leaves, and white spots or powdery mildew on the leaves.

Can I use chemical pesticides on my heirloom tomatoes?

While chemical pesticides can be effective in controlling pests, they can also harm beneficial insects and contaminate the environment. It is best to use natural remedies first and resort to chemical pesticides as a last resort.

How often should I inspect my heirloom tomato plants for pests?

It is recommended to inspect your plants at least once a week to catch any signs of pest infestation early and take action before the damage becomes severe.

Are there any specific heirloom tomato varieties that are less prone to pest attacks?

While no heirloom tomato variety is completely immune to pests, some like Cherokee Purple and Brandywine have shown to be more resistant due to their thicker skin and stronger plant structure.

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