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Hydroponic plants are known for growing more quickly and more robust than soil-grown plants. However, that is far from always the case.

Sometimes, hydroponic plants stop growing and become stagnant. But, why is that?

Read on below and explore the full answer to why your hydroponic plants are just sitting stagnant and not growing!

Why Are My Hydroponic Plants Sitting Stagnant (Not Growing)?

The main reason plants become stagnant and just sit there instead of continuing to grow is an unbalanced pH level. Other common issues that often result in hydroponic plants not growing include a lack of adequate light, nutrients, or airflow. Mold and algae issues in the water, as well as malfunctioning components of the hydroponic system, may also be to blame for your unhealthy plants.

Root rot is another culprit to look for if your plants are stagnant, but don’t seem to suffer from any of the main issues mentioned above. Look for yellow, brown, and black roots that are slimy and stinky, and you’ll find the source of the issue.

Pests may also get into your hydroponic growing system and bother your plants (eating their leaves, stalks, roots, blooms, and fruits). Organic pest control methods are usually the best method for combating pests in a hydroponic garden.

Leaf issues can also cause plans to appear as if they are totally stagnant and not growing anymore. It is vital to pay close attention to the foliage of your hydroponic plants on a daily basis. When you see a problem, treat it then and there.

Are you a hydroponic gardener? If so, what advice do you have to offer our audience, in regard to why their plants may be stagnant and/or dying rather than thriving?

Drop us a line below, in the comment section, and share your gardening knowledge with us! Thanks for reading.

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