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We’ve been considering buying a new Worx robotic lawnmower, but want to do our homework first.

That’s why we’ve prepared several reviews, including this one on the WR165 Landroid S, a popular Worx Robotic Mower.

If you love and enjoy your home and garden, or lawn, but don’t have the time or motivation to keep it mowed properly, this Landroid S Robotic Lawn Mower may be just what you need to solve your issue.

Read on below to learn all about what makes this mower one of the most worthy robot grass cutters on the market, as well as which units we suggest as alternatives.

The WR165 Landroid S Worx Robotic Lawn Mower

A four part inforgraphic showing the black and orange wox robotic mower in various positions showcasing different features.
An infographic via the Worx Store on Amazon.

This Worx Robotic Mower is an exceptionally modern-day machine that is designed with super solid engineering and innovative technology to give you an exotic, effortless, and easy mowing experience.

Basically, you can sit back and enjoy your weekend (or whatever day it is) while the robot does all the dirty work for you.

The Worx Robotic Mower is a fully Automated and smart lawn mower that has some of the best overall performance in the robotic lawn mower industry, period.

This Worx Robotic Mower stands out with its many advanced technologies that many other products can’t offer, and is considered excellent in almost every aspect by owners.

Specs and Features

  • adjustable cutting height of 1-½ inches to 4 inches
  • anti-collision control system
  • cutting incline of up to 20 degrees
  • 9-inch offset three blade cutting disc
  • Radio link WiFi extender
  • off-limit digital fence feature
  • GPS tracking system
  • “find my Landroid” mode
  • Panted AIA tech


  • If the battery of your Landoid is low, the machine will find the closest boundary wire and ride back to the charging base, and will fully charge itself before mowing again. 
  • Theft Protection
  • The Panted AIA Technology allows it to navigate passageways with ease.
  • Has a ‘Do It All With The Same’ Battery power that is compatible with all Worx 20V, 40V, and 80V outdoor power and lifestyle products.
  • It generates 65 dB of sound ensuring you or your neighbors are not disturbed when it’s in operation.


  • Landroid cannot work in the rain, it has a rain sensor and will return to the charger and wait when the lawn is dry.
  • You’ll need a good amount of time to set it up and to understand how it operates.

How This Worx Robotic Mowers Compares to Others in Its Class

Compared to other robotic lawn mowers in the same class, the Worx Landroid genuinely surpasses most other products.

Not only is it more accurate, and has more advanced features, but it is just altogether more convenient. It even returns to its own charging station when it’s done mowing… it doesn’t get much better than that!

Here are a few points that stand out:

  1. An anti-collision control system makes it notice and move around obstacles that are in front of the mower by sensing.
  2. The 9- inch offset three blades cutting disc makes it get close to the ages than competitors so that you will have less trimming to do.
  3. The GPS track mode called ‘Find my Landroid is quite a unique feature that enables you to use cellular data to track or lock your robotic mower if stolen or missing.

Best Alternatives to the Worx Landroid S

As impressed as we are with this particular Worx robot mower, we’re open-minded to the possibility that it isn’t the best. That’s why we dove even deeper and performed additional research on several other units.

Read on below to discover our top two picks for alternatives to the Worx Landroid S.

Gardena 15002-41 Robotic Lawn Mower

A close-up photo of the silver, grey, and light blue gardena robotic mower on a crisp white background.

The Gardena 15002-41 is a robotic mower alternative that can mow yards of up to 5400 sq ft, and just so happens to give the Worx Landroid S a run for its money.

But for or this robotic mower to function you’ll need to download the Gardena Bluetooth app on your mobile device.

The app is used for the settings and operations of the mower even though the machine can be operated through a control panel on the mower itself.

That said, the Gardena Robotic Mower is touted as one of the best in the business. One drawback that we noticed during our research.

However, is that it navigates via guide cables (which just isn’t as impressive as the Work Robotic Mowers GPS navigation system). 


The Gardena Robotic Mower features a Bluetooth connection, you can easily control your Gardena by using your smartphone and downloading the Gardena Bluetooth app on your mobile. 

It also has guide cables that help it navigate reliably in the lawn areas and back to the charging stations with no issues. Even more, this robot mower has inbuilt sensors that ensure the mower blades stop immediately when picked up.


  • Easy to clean, It’s not complicated to clean this robot mower you simply spray it down with your garden hose pipe. 
  •  it’s capable of mowing the lawn in all weather (come rain or sunshine) and doesn’t need a rain sensor like other competitors
  • Gardena 15002-41 is pro-silent, helping you to enjoy your garden as it works in peace
  • Has sensor control that Judges how often your lawn needs a trim
  • Can be controlled manually as a remote controlled device
  • Is more affordable than the Worx or Husqvarna


  • Doesn’t have a theft control feature like a GPS tracker if stolen or missing. 

Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

The two-tone glossy gray and light gray husqvarna robotic mower with black and white wheels.

Husqvarna’s 115H Robotic Lawn Mower is a smart device that’s been making waves in the home and gardening community lately. It is supposed to be one of the best robotic mowers currently available for people with medium-sized yards.

This particular Husqvarna Automower can handle 0.4 acres in a single cutting. And, it can cut on an incline of 24-degrees, cutting your lawn sharply and quickly without missing a beat no matter how steep. 

If you have a larger than average garden that needs to be manicured, this robot could be your new best friend.


This Husqvarna Robotic Mower features a GPS navigator that makes it maneuver around narrow passages and complicated obstacles by itself.

It also has lift and tilt sensors that prevent any collision and shut the machine down automatically if a child or animal comes close to it.

Further, the Husqvarna Automower also features an “easy” and “quick” cutting height adjustment from 2-inches to 3.6-inches, maintaining a smooth and carpetlike lawn with zero effort on your part.

Being one of the best smart robotic mowers around, it also of course comes with WiFi connectivity.


  • It works silently thanks to its motor designed to lower noise
  • Simple installation, it’s a do-it-yourself installation and requires no expertise in the process.
  • It’s a weatherproof Robotic mower built to withstand the harsh climate and can be scheduled to work in all weather, time, day or night, in rain or sunshine. 
  • Its a Low energy consumption robotic mower
  • Theft protection either by pin code or alarm: if the mower is carried away it will start a high-sounding alarm that can only be deactivated by the mowers pin code.


  • Very expensive compared to other robot mowers
  • May be more mower than you need for your small lawn

A Final Word About The Landroid S Worx Robotic Mower

For a fully functioning smart robot that cuts grass in most sized yards, few seem to be a better investment (or as affordable for that matter) than this Worx Robotic Mower.

In fact, this unit may well be the one that we decide to buy in the near future (and if we do, we’ll update this review after we test it out!).

Do you have any experience with the Worx Landroid S Robotic Lawn Mower? We’d love to know how you feel about it, and if you think it’s worth our investment or not!


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